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    How to do with losses in UBS ?

    I was pulled into a group by assistant on September 6th,in which teacher Baiyang analyzed the stock market and recommended some stocks,which I felt good.Then he sent me messages, saying that it is difficult for retail invests to gain profits from the stock market and asking me to trade with him.And he showed me the profit screenshots.I knew little about these ways before, and I thought him to be trustworthy since I did gain profits with his help.As a veteran in stock market, I hesitated to trade with them. But the adviser suggested me to deposit 500,000 and give a try, and further comforted me by high profits within a week. I hesitated but he urged me to open account saying that he could help me gain profits afternoon and sharing the contact information of UBS’s customer service personnel. On September 10th,having considered for a night,I deposited the majority of my savings,600000 RMB in total.On September 20th,by his giving order recommendation,I made huge losses,my account remaining 10000 RMB or so.He didn’t explain anything but urge me to add fund to recover the losses back.I was depressed.After turning him down,I was removed from the group and deleted by him.

    The following is the original
    9月6日被助理拉近一个白洋互利共赢交流群群,开始由该群有个白洋老师讲解大盘行情和推荐股票偶尔讲完后还会推荐几支牛股让大家购买,我觉得白洋老师讲的还不错,没事了就来听白洋老师讲课,之后白洋老师就几次三番的给我发信息说现在股市不好做,散户赚钱太难,让我眼着他做港股说做港股目前的行情闭着眼都能赚钱,说着便晒出了自己的赚钱截图。可我之前没有接触过这个,因为白洋老师带我炒股赚了一点,觉得也不会骗我,他对我说,建议用50万做港股,保正能赚钱甚至一周翻几倍。当时我还有点犹豫,白洋老师就催着快点开设个人账户,说下午就能带着赚钱,并且把瑞银环球客服的名片份享给我,给我开户。在白洋老师的催促下,9月10号,考虑了一晚上就开了户,并且把多年积蓄拿出一大半全部入了金,折合60万左右。  9月20日,白洋老师在直播间里叫单,我总共听指导做了几次单,账户出现巨额亏损,60万只剩余1万多,犹如晴天霹雳,整个人的状态差到了极点。但已经到了这一步了,白洋老师并未给我合理的解释,还是不断催促我加金,说带我做单,把前面亏的赚回来,这下让我彻底心凉了也醒悟了,在拒绝加金并且停止做单后,就被踢出了群,给白洋老师发消息也不回,后来直接拉黑并删除了。
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