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    晨禎 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    False investment True fraud

    Many victims were induced to deposit by this girl who said she had inside information. The victims found out that they were cheated because that they can deposit but can’t withdraw. The girl named Juan Wang vanished and later we know it was a fraud platform. I expose this guy and this thing here today to avoid people being cheated.

    The following is the original
    假投資 真詐財
    假借有 mt-4 內幕消息,誘騙多位被害人 投資入金(LINE mt4-159 ),多位被害人 日後發現有詐(只能入金 ,不能出金),多次連絡此人(王娟)皆失蹤 無法連絡,諮詢其他金融人士用一查 才知是 黑平台/假平台,今日 曝光此人 此事件 希望 不要再有 受害人 再被騙。



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