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    FXIEPjfu3498 Trader
    Released in China

    Can’t withdraw funds in SHYING, divert customers’ funds randomly

    I knew the assistant via WeChat on May 21, 2020. And I invested in SHYING which he recommended. I deposited $10,000 at first.
    I wanna withdrew some of my funds on June 8, 2020. But I was told that I can’t withdraw funds before I trade 200 lots. Then I paid ¥10,000 margin. But the assistant disappeared after that.
    I contacted customer service of the platform on July 30, 2020. After communication, I transferred $5,000 to activate my account. But the platform didn’t give me an exact time on grounds of withdrawal channel issues.
    I took part in an activity where I give my account to the operator in August, 2020. I profited $20,000 in total after a week. Later, the operator asked for 40% incomes. I didn’t see the contract carefully so I didn’t have enough money then. I paid ¥10,000 after communication. And I would pay the rest in a month. But they asked me to pay 31,600 on grounds that the payment expired.
    For now, I deposited $23,000 in total. And there is $65,092 in my account. All of the money is unable to be withdrawn.
    Now the assistant told me that my account would be closed on grounds of no withdraw for a long

    The following is the original
    2020年5月21日,个人通过微信认识期货交易助理——第七财经小李,并在其推荐的交易平台CGA上进行交易,初始入金10000美金 2020年6月8日,我希望将交易账户内的资金转出一部分,被告知:由于之前有赠金,在没交易够200手之前,不能出金,后进过多次协商交纳10000元人民币作为保证金。之后后,该助理失联。 2020年7月30日,与该平台另一个客服取得联系,经过协商后,向私人账户汇入5000美金作为激活资金,但平台以“承兑商那边通知普通的出金通道外汇额度不足了”为由无法出金,并且也不确定出金时间。 2020年8月,参加该平台客服介绍的代客户操作的活动,将个人账户转给指定的操盘手,经过1周的操作,共计获利20000美金,之后要求先缴纳40%的分红,由于事先未仔细看合同,导致当时并未准备这笔资金,后进过协商,先缴纳10000人民币,并于1月内补足。此时对方以分红缴纳超时为由,要求缴纳31600元滞纳金。 到此为止,我本人总共计入金23000美金,目前平台账户共有资金65092美金,均无法出金。 现在平台助理以长期未出金为由,告知将销毁账户,没收资金
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