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    FXXDIjmx9363 Trader
    Released in Australia

    MexGroup is a fraud broker

    I saw on MexGroup that they only opened accounts for foreign exchange transactions under Australian supervision. As a result, the platform analysts lost nearly 90,000 Australian dollars. I complained to the platform, the customer service lied that I was a customer of an agent, and I only registered and deposited on the platform without looking for an agent. Complaining to the Australian supervision turned out that my mutibank account is not supervised by Australia, only the mex Australia pty ltd can do it. As an ordinary trader, no one knows that only branches are subject to Australian supervision, and the head office is out of Australian supervision. Cheating money under the banner of supervision, but there is no way to complain, hoping to expose TA. Is a scam platform

    The following is the original
    我在大通金融平台看到他们有澳洲监管才开户做外汇交易,结果让平台分析师带亏损了近9万澳币。向平台投诉,客服撒谎说我是代理商的客户,我只在平台上注册和入金的没有找代理商啊。向澳洲监管投诉尽然变成我在mutibank的帐号不受澳洲监管,只有那个mex Australia pty ltd才可以。做为普通交易者没人会知道只有分公司才受澳洲监管,而总公司是脱离澳洲监管。打着监管的旗号骗钱却投诉无门,希望曝光TA。就是一个诈骗平台
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