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    FXQWTmlc6576 Trader
    Released in China

    Fake APP scam

    A friend who I added many years ago became an employee of a data technology company, making u profit 3-8 times of your principal. It’s so attractive. Because my business was not good, I wanna earn more money. And I used to partner with him, so I trusted him. I deposited 10,000. The first two orders profited, but I lost the third time for my mistake. I wanna earn back my loss, so I deposited 30,000. Then I made a mistake again. I thought I lost because of my mistakes, so I continued depositing 30,000. But in fact, it’s a trap. At this time, they said I wasted their data and made their company lose, I had to top up 100,000 to get an operator to help me operate. Then I realized I was cheated and I tried to withdraw funds but the customer service said I had to fulfill the turnover. Now I finished the turnover but my application hasn’t been approved. I called the phone showed on their business license but got the answer that their license was peculated. And they called the police. The money invested was borrowed for the credit card and my friends. I don’t know what to do so I exposed them here and hope to recover my money. It should serve as a reminder of not making the same mistake.

    The following is the original
    朋友圈加了好多年的好友之前是做便民平台的 近期转成了说是什么数据科技公司可以截获外汇平台数据帮你盈利本金的3-8倍 每天发朋友圈很诱人 由于自己做生意经营的不太好 就想着赚些块钱 再加上之前便民平台有过合作就没多想 充值了1万 下了三笔前两笔盈利 由于自己失误没按照指令下注第三笔亏损 想着挽回损失又继续充值3万不料第二笔又操作失误 这时已经上头认为每次都是自己失误导致的亏损 并不知道已经上了骗子的圈套 继续充值3万 对方称说我浪费了数据让他公司受损 说三万不可能再有程序员带了必须充值10万操盘手来代操盘 这时我感觉应该是被骗了 但是软件里还充值着三万 就试图提现 但是客服告知必须打够 流水 现在打够流水已经一个晚上了 账户提现始终显示审核中 估计是虚假app 打微信好友提供的营业支照电话对方说公司营业执照被盗用 他们也已经报警 现在的钱有信用卡提的 有朋友借的 已经不知道怎么办了 曝光一下希望得到反馈能追回些本金 希望大家以我为戒 不要再犯同样的错误被骗子得逞



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