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    Unable to withdraw EasyTrade
    Status keep pending approval cannot withdrawal

    Status keep pending approval cannot withdrawal

    Published in Thailand
    Others Kumo Markets

    i have traded with sl and tp and broker fail to close my orders. live chat never works...

    FXICPgwm9074 Published in France
    Unable to withdraw Coinsx21
    Scam And Fraud

    They Are Totally Fraud They Took Me 600 Euro Now Don't Response Me

    Warrior712 Published in Italy
    Unable to withdraw IV Markets
    Hi IVM Return Back Our Money

    Beware With IVMarket, They Said Will Pay All Profit, But Now All My Client Can't Withdrawal Money, Capital and Profit Now zero, we try to call and discuss for solutions but IV Markets Still Not Respon!!!! Pay Back Our Money!!!!

    FXGRAgmd4863 Published in Indonesia
    Scam IV Markets
    please return my clients money IVM!!

    When we trade and deal with IV markets, they say no issue for withdrawal when we profit, and in the past few months we have been lost in the broker but when one time my clients profit, IVM just stop and blocked all their withdrawals, do not trade with them as they will block you if you wanna withdraw and profit alot. All our profits has been cancelled!

    BJK Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw WARLOCK MARKET
    unable to withdraw (scam)

    I complained before, you can see that as resolved, but it wasn't I was told to put as resolved to be able to withdraw, and to pay the taxes on earnings, I did both and after I made them verify they send me an email saying withdrawal successful, but they never deposited money, even on the website under audit desiring was blank, I complained, and they stopped replying to my messages, now they change the website and deleted all information on my account. and they scammed a total of 51K us dollars,

    FXCCQesq0967 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw IRA Crown

    First of ALL their support email provide on the website dont exist. I tried to send an email to their support many times and all the time i got the error message saying that email doesnt exist. Second is they dont proceed with the withdrawal of my funds. They also have a page on facebook that i contact and they only reply to my mesages when i told them i had contacted FINTRAC about their firm, which i really did. They say they are regulated by FSA and are Fully licensed and authorized by Fintrac Canada. I have already call FINTRAC and i sent also an email to FSA to file a complaint about this company. If IRA crown dont proceed with my withdrawal ill report them to FSA, FINTRAC, all the social media they have page, forex forums. Following are the proofs.

    MrTrader Published in United States
    Others Sunton Capital
    Be aware of this scammer!!

    A large number of us being scammed by this scammer before under their name of Sunton Capital. I’m not sure why they’re able to switch a name and on MT5 within just a short time. please be aware and help to report this scammer!

    FXRWNrah1853 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Ring Financial
    Thief always command you to deposit

    Thief always command you to deposit , but you can't withdrawal ( She use that picture )

    FXCJXqwp1880 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw TOMAHAWK
    Unable to withdraw

    Forced liquidation. It led me to high position and rejected withdrawal for many reason. I was hurt terribly.

    FXYKNcdl2680 Published in China
    Others MBG Markets
    Fraud platform

    Unable to withdraw. I contacted with them but they just said it could not be approved.

    FXPLRpog2599 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DingSheng
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw. It did not approve my withdrawal.

    Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw MBG Markets
    Unable to withdraw. The customer service repeated the same respond and did not told us the specific time. How long did we have to wait?

    Unable to withdraw. The customer service repeated the same respond and did not told us the specific time. How long did we have to wait?

    FXOBMcaj8346 Published in China
    Others ramofx
    The scam of Ramon

    It contacted me through wechat with the name of Future and led me to deposited. I found there was handling fee of $30 except the spread of 40 points in XAU/USD and crude oil. Unable to set stop losses. What I couldn't stand most was that the salesman scolded. He is so arrogant in trading.

    夏有乔木 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw KVB Kunlun
    Unable to withdraw

    This man talked to me on weibo and added my Mchat. I withdrew for the first and the second time. Then it asked me to pay more deposit to join the activity, or my account would be blocked. I was told that my bank account was wrong and I had to pay the margin for unlocking. He promised that the trade would be successful.

    维权者 Published in China
    Others WilfordTrade
    The worst company

    This was the worst company I met. I deposited 271000 pesos but they did not pay me the profits. I heard it went bankrupt on the advertisement. You could see that I had $1500.

    Published in Colombia
    Others Monex TR
    Great losses

    I deposited $37.49 and gained $100 everyday. It was abnormal and I lost all my investment after they provided a roulette.

    Published in Argentina
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage led to stop loss

    Severe slippage led to stop loss. My order should be profitable on October 18, 2021 according to the market showed on most platforms. But it was stopped and I could not make profits. It said the losses were due to the bank qualification to ensure the safety of customers' funds. But investors had to pay high transaction costs. Customers' investment in their bank was consumed up by the fraud platform.

    FXTGOqrx3262 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ZERO MARKETS
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $280,600 and they promised to be millionaire. I made the withdrawal but did not receive it. The operation disappeared.

    Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw JUMPER
    Fake broker

    It was a a scam and they operated the data. You would lost everything. Please help me solve it. They were not the broker. I deposited $25,889. I was so sad.

    Published in Venezuela
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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