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    Others HSBC
    HSBC scams

    Now web is disabled and unable to withdraw

    FXKYNfyw4039 Published in China
    Others LegacyFX
    Unethical behavior

    After i notice that this Market manipulator was manipulating the execution of my orders, i withdrawal and request to delete my account and all my data. After a year they keep using my data to call me and email. Contacting livechat i also notice when the question is not convenient for them they just turn you chat down. After requesting information about the agent im speaking they refuse to disclose the name. Also notice after using my brand new card at LegacyFx, they request to sign papers authorizing the transactions and after my card was Cloned and used in several sites! I order this card only to use at Legacyfx! This types of business should be investigate further their license, they should not be in this business, trying to harass people to deposit and follow their signals! NEVER DO THAT! Market maker companies only want you lose the money so they win. Be careful choosing your broker...

    Mr. Rolex Published in Portugal
    Others DK Trade
    The platform embezzled agents’ money

    I recommend you stay away from this platform and should not be an agent of it. You can’t get your commissions at all. Now they didn’t reply to me at all. I asked customers to get legal process

    FXUAGpqq8046 Published in China
    Others MEX
    It’s network fraud

    The app can’t be opened after they absconded. Isn’t it strange that the deposits are transferred to personal accounts?

    FXOEAbcv5937 Published in China
    Others huiyuan capital pty ltd
    The platform absconded

    Now all websites are disabled. I could see my funds two days ago but now I can’t log in

    FXQMLjsi6472 Published in China
    Others TR
    Is there so many websites of this platform. Two websites with the same login page, but one of them is disabled. The web that the system offers is different from what I am using now

    https://hongshengera.com/chs/login. This is what I use. But the official website is different from the one that I am using, I also logged in to the official website and their login pages are the same. But I am not a member of the official web

    FXQWUodl6525 Published in China
    Others GTS UK
    Exclusive Revelation of GTS. Criminal, Jun Zhang!

    It has been several months since GTS collapsed. Almost all the customers focused on the boss. Many people don't know the internal structure of GTS, so they can identify the thing. I'll expose some inside scoop directly: This guy is called Jun Zhang from Shanghai. He worked for the boss for five years. The boss fired all employees in the company except Jun Zhang and his wife at the end of 2018. Jun Zhang was responsible for the third party payment channel, settings and management of the background, docking of liquidity companies and settlement of commissions. His wife was reponsible for checking on commission and organizing exhibitions and investment meetings. His wife wasn't exposed to us. Bin Wang who is from Shandong and GTS began to maiking a security position mode. It seems like a pyramid selling cuz customers are agents. So it raised thousands of customers within two months. And deposits became millions. Jun Zhang didn't have much money before. But he embezzled money form each agent, over five million in total. He bought luxuries for his wife every week, which cost him over ¥800,000. After the company bankrupted, he claimed he quit and disappeared. As a man who was responsible for the money before, he knew where the money went. But under such circumstance, he cheated customers in Xinjiang of over one million, making customers in Xinjiang report him. Besides, he asked customers to deposit funds knowing the withdrawals were inaccessible to get his commissions. What he has done is so disgusting. Since GTS problem hasn't been resolved and this guy opened a white label to scam people. Be careful

    FXYVTwvy9878 Published in China
    Others West Capital
    WEST, fraud platform. Absconded

    Don’t be cheated or invited to a group chat by him. Lead u to invest A share and make u earn some money first. And then they cheated u that they would launch new currency and asked u to play the new and lock it. Give you fake numbers but they can manipulate all things, Withdrawals are abnormal, it’s a Ponzi scheme!

    FXJOLelw3702 Published in China
    Resolved True Trading Group
    Sanmanas Teeranuwat


    FXQOHise6524 Published in Thailand
    Resolved CAPSTONE凯石
    Is it legal?

    I though I can be relieved cuz it was regulated. But I was cheated

    我怎么办 Published in China
    Others GO MARKETS
    right documents

    i added passport and document of property, it's of course in my native language, images was in best quality, but both not be verified. Actually not good for brokers who works all around world. Next could be problems with payouts and problems with different profits, they don't work on customers, i don't advice work with...

    FXNSSfbl5210 Published in Latvia
    Others SVSFX
    Beguile u into depositing funds in the name of TWSE

    The customer service knows nothing.

    FXVSPnsp8699 Published in China
    Resolved FXBTG
    A clone fim. Please be careful

    This is a clone one

    1739363738 Published in Taiwan
    Others Tifia
    Beguile customers into recharging

    Severe slippage. Attract u by bonus

    FXSQTjwf7251 Published in Vietnam
    Others DAFEX
    Expose DAFEX

    DAFEX is a Ponzi scheme. This is how DAFEX introduced itself. Welcome to our third liquidity provider, Primus. We have has seven licenses so far. And our three liquidity providers have has six licenses. 13 licenses in total help you trade safer. One fiduciary institution, one risk security mechanism , one endorsement of SKR. Is there any other broker which is better than us?

    FXIAEnwu3475 Published in China
    Others WEINIAN
    Fraud platform. Malicious manipulation. Scam money

    I have deposited money since December 23, 2020, $46,300 in total. Invest Bitcoin under the guidance of Wang and Long. Positions were liquidated at 20:00, on 28th for their malicious manipulation. Buy long positions at 26678.78 and fall to 25232.54 immediately. The same thing happened at over 20:00, on 31st.

    FXVSCien8687 Published in China
    Others Veracity Markets
    Don't deposit or withdraw all funds

    See the screen shot.

    FXXYHkup9359 Published in South Africa
    Others CF GLOBAL
    Fraud platform!!!

    Expose this fraud platform.The deposit can’t arrive in time making me lose a lot. The attitude of their customer service is so bad and they are suspended now. What’s worse, my account was closed. You must polish your eyes an choose formal platform to trade, free from being cheated

    FXHDApgx2947 Published in China
    Others 8BX.COM
    Fraud platform!!!

    Expose 8BX.COM for severe slippage, induced operations and late arrival of deposits. I lost a lot here. And now my account has been closed. It musty be a fraud platform. You should choose formal platform, stay away from this one

    FXHDApgx2947 Published in China
    Resolved Fortune-ever
    Fortune-ever approve your applications for withdrawals but you can’t receive the money

    I consulted them but they asked me to wait patiently.

    FXSOAgdg7240 Published in Taiwan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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