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    Severe Slippage IQ OPTION


    FXMLQmpw5061 Published in Nigeria
    can't withdraw and account locked

    was refer to it by a Facebook user asked me deposit the sum of 4500 which I did and after that's account was locked tried reaching the customer service but no response

    FXMQYdjx4868 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Hotfxoption

    Before anyone deletes this post Mr @ewhitefrank cheated lot of indian clients along with me when we tried to withdraw our momey from Hotfxpro.com platform he blocked us all and now our hard earned money is lost we want justice and our money back

    FXQRBkoc6667 Published in Nigeria
    Scam LOANFX
    Unable To Withdraw

    I saw an ads on my facebook talking about this loan, I Decided to try it, I got to the site and I downloaded their app, afer that I registered and I deposited 400+ into The wallet then I later transfered 500+, it showed me commission everyday but getting to when I wanted to withdraw, I was unable to withdraw, it kept telling me my bank card Is not accepted that I should try a different one, I did and the result was still that same error message. so I lost my money

    FXCLWjnm1083 Published in Nigeria
    It's a scam!

    A person I connected with on Shapr is trying to convince me to ‘collaborate’ with them on a Forex investment on Super Binary. Basically I fund the project and they trade on my behalf and we split the earnings. They promised a return of at least 5% weekly. We ran a demo account loaded with $10k of virtual money and they have proven themselves able to make money using it. They promised everything will be done through a broker but now are asking for me to basically give them the log in details to the Binary account so they can trade on my behalf.It all strikes me as incredibly fishy. Is this a normal thing to do in Forex or am I just an idiot? If joint investments are done surely they would be done through a joint account. All of my trading experience has been through Crypto currency only making my own investments, so Forex is completely new to me. However I made a deposit to them and now I can't acces to my account. Can you please help me to this scammers?

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw IQ Option

    I'm unable to withdraw my money from IQOPTION I deposit 260,000 naira but I cant withdraw its saying I have reach the withdrawal limits and I never withdraw from the platform

    FXWJYjrk8869 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Bit Profit
    unable to withdraw

    joined through online advert deposited and started trading then when I made profit was unable to withdraw jeep saying system under maintenance for the past one week

    FXMQYdjx4868 Published in Nigeria
    Scam FCMB

    am unable to withdraw after making transfer deposit

    FXXYOdqp9221 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Ring Financial
    Scammers use FX free signals

    Hello all,I found Telegram group chat called FX Free Signals and I joined because only thing I saw was quick profit with no effort… I was really wrong and lost money. They offer VIP signal group and also investment package (screenshot added). I went for investment package and sent $150 through Skrill to admins. They promised 60% profit in 5 trading days and I felt it was so real when chatting with them. They also promised MT4 login details so I can check on my investment. After I sent money I asked 3 times if I can get those login details. After that, both admins blocked me and didn’t reply anymore. 150 dollars is decent amount of money in my country and lot for me. I got scammed. Please don’t try that yourself, I don’t wish this to anyone. Just wanted to let you know and protect you a bit. As already mentioned on this forum, best way to make money is learn trading yourself…that’s the only way. Here are screenshots of my chats with them so you can see names and great scam.Their names are Danny Somerhalder and George Hudson.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam ETradePips
    E-tradepips Scam

    Hello- I think I’m posting this in the right spot! I put everything that I had, $3k, into a trade account at e-tradepips.com. My broker, Paul Oakman, was to do trades on my account for 6 weeks and then take his commission and put the profit into my bank account on 6/14. Here we are a week later and I still don’t have my money despite multiple requests. I’ve contacted every broker on the website and 99% of the email addresses are bad (nobody has emailed me back from the ones that went through),

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw CRYPTO FX
    i was scammed and unable to withdraw

    i was scammed in this platform crypto they ask me to deposit $10 after the $10 i use in investing,i only withdraw $1.5 once but my second withdrawal was stuck i chat customer care they block me from chatting them online. any time i withdraw they will refund it back .... this site is really deceiving and scamming people am a victim

    Yuanjin Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw

    I saw the advert on Facebook saying that I was going to get 1.5% of my investment when I start trading with the company, then I had to invest $250, after investing the they later told me that the prices have been upgraded, so for the first package which is $250 is now $500 so i have to pay another $250 making it $500 before I can be qualified. Then after that they stopped replying my message that was when I knew I was scammed.

    MRPRIME001 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Alfa Success Corp

    My partner introduced me to this App. He told me they can be trusted, so that makes me invested in this app without hesitating but unfortunately I was scammed and I was unable to retrieve my money back, they are not replying my messages, pls avoid be scam!!!

    FXCLSymq1152 Published in Nigeria
    Scam MetaTrader 4

    My account and money has lost in this scammers.I was fall into there traps by promising me tons of great words about them. Now I can't able to contact this scammers. And I can't find them.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw smartcoinfx
    Rene Jacob's "was scammed by smartcoinfx "

    I was scammed by a lady. She helped me with everything. I've deposited the money to start trading which was R3 000. After that I received emails that my account was credited with profit. On Thursday I received a email stated that I can withdraw but first I needed to pay R13 000 to upgrade my account. I did that and after that I received another email stating I must pay R20 000 to withdraw my profit that's when I realized I've been scammed. Its heartbreaking

    FXLMBdfk4439 Published in South Africa
    Scam Binary Options
    Scam Alert

    R$300 to R$2200 in 5 days, I wonder why se needs to dm other people to come invest with her.

    FXWJYjrk8869 Published in Nigeria
    Others Axi
    money has gone

    when i wd the money, they cleared all in mt4 acc.. but the money was not recorded as withdrawal but the money was just gone as they cheated on my account.

    terongbiru Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Sunlaideal

    This agent: Sunlaideal FE Markets Limited, is an obvious fraud! When you want to deposit gold, he can quickly. But you can't withdraw money... to be correct, you won't receive your funds! (They use various excuses to delay time: bank problems, web maintenance), and finally cut off contact with you.

    FXGWGteb2439 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw AOC MAKETS
    unable to withdraw funds

    I had $20,400 in my account. I then tried to withdraw my funds. they then asked me to pay tax so I did. then the company cancelled my account and the helper stop reading my messages.

    FXAMGhas0166 Published in United States
    Others Alfa Success Corp
    my money was gone

    after i received a receipt from this company, i was waiting for almost a year to get my money back.. they keep cheating me until now. i want to take a legal action for this.

    terongbiru Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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