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    Unable to withdraw FBS
    This Brokers is a cheater, Not good for investments!

    I want to send a complaints for this "broker" this is an organization that acts as a criminal group that used any ruthless way to its customers and partners. I already knew about their problems as a broker but they convinced me to promote them to my clients and then they did not pay me. I know for a lot of clients that is cheated from this broker and I think It should do something like that brokers be closed so as to protect the people of this fraudulent organization.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Severe Slippage ThinkMarkets
    ThinkMarkets platform quotation error for no reason!

    The GBP on ThinkMarkets platform gapped 150 points for no reason. I have checked that other platforms don’t have this K-line gapped by 150 points at all. This wash is too obvious. The platform customer service also refuses to admit or compensate for this. Fortunately, If you placed an order with a stop loss at the time, otherwise you will lose a lot of liquidation. Everyone must pay attention to the ThinkMarkets platform.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw NetoTrade
    I can long in and see the amount of money but I cannot refund it.

    Netotrade called me to several times and I was afraid to participate and then I decided after long time to start with minimum amount 200$ and when I am paying something happened as if they can see me, they took the double of the amount. after a while another guy as trying to convince me to pay 15,000PHP. I suddenly felt something wrong, The second day they called me again and I told him Named DR. Dyaa let start buying stocks, I refused and told him I want my money back since that time he never call me back and there only lady who keeps telling me I forward your quest to admin. That happened three weeks ago, Thank you

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam OspreyFX
    Unregulated scammers.

    They will promise that withdrawals are simple, but in reality it is impossible. I'm sure they are good to some customers to stay effective, but they stole my money directly and did the same to many others. They even changed my password to clear my account and acted as if nothing happened. More than 50 emails, still no solution.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam OctaFX
    This OctaFX is Fake!

    it's fake business they took my from my account I email my broker she didn't replied me I call the office number they block much number.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam NetoTrade
    NetoTrade is a scam!

    hi this is saqib and i registered an account in netotrade so in one month i got profit 2000 us dollars nd now one week before i submitted one request for withdrawal 1500 dollars and still i did not get in my account . and i tried a lot of times to cantact them but they are not attending any call before they were calling for deposit and now they are not attending my call because i want to withdraw little amount so its means its fraud so if some one can help me in this matter so plzz help

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    made a withdrawal but didnt get paid

    i was drawn to make an initial deposit in order to start mining and earning more so I made a deposit and was updated but when it got to withdraw her I made a withdrawal since but have not yet still being paid anytime I report to a customer care they always block my number they totally scammed me

    FXIATtat8003 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw MaxCFD
    i will appreciate your help.

    I have deposited $250 on MAXCFD hoping that i will be rich one of the days, when i try to withdraw there no any progress since last year. when i try to contact them, they tell me that the finance team is on its process and to be honest i really need tha t money...my accont is 2100546...ID IS 1305782..PLEASE help me get my money back.because i am in serious need of it..

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw iCFD Ltd.
    I have an account with icfd and the current account amount is 500 USD. trade.

    He did not, as we agreed, that as long as the transaction was deposited into my account, he could plan my account to expert capital, and the robot would conduct the transaction. The robot cost me $400. Therefore, I lost confidence in the company,

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam iForex
    I will recommend no one should open a trading account with this company.

    They are no one trading broker thief that will refuse you to withdraw your money. Please in any circumstances should you open a trading account with them. I will be launching a legal case against the company, and will put a claim for all my court fees.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam IQ Option
    I started with IQ Option at 2020.

    The broker named james bale sounds like so much positive and I also bring clients who invested arroind $5000 USD. and beginning of the year james bale limit the communication with me. in sept he said he will be in promotion and my new broker is chris james. I feel suspisious and try to withdraw some money but chris james deny it. his behaviour was so reddiclous and I never get my withdraw. after some days he was disappeared. what should I do now??

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Deposit Not Credited

    I made a deposit of 1000 Nigeria Naira (#1000) into my Olymptrade account and it was never credited, I sent a message to their email address but the message was not replied, all efforts to get through the their customer service representative proved abortive... please do stay away from them, they are not trustworthy.

    FXGSInyn2461 Published in Nigeria
    Scam iForex
    07/29/2021, I opened an account with the company iForex . ,

    I tried to withdrawal a small amount of money, but I have not brought. I then tried to withdraw all the money, but I have stopped responding. Now I can not get my money in the amount of $ 500. My account number is 331406. Please help. Excuse me, if something is not clear, I write through a translator.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Capital Index
    Its a SCAM please don't register with it.

    Yes , Capital is a scam broker I asked them 4 times to withdraw my money and failed every time!!! but they always send me the email shows withdraw successful. They put me ONHOLD for more than 4 months without any reasons and every time when I ask the chat support they said is a different department and we cant do anything. I sent 4 times this department and no one answer me.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam BidSwiss
    I have been with BidSwiss since many months now.

    In June, there was an issue with my trade pricing for which I wanted my invested money back from them as many other co traders won the trade and I did not because of delay in opening a trade. Last week i requested a withdrawal of my money and closure of the account as they were continuously closing out turbos (30 sec and 60 sec) trades for me during normal NY trade hours. Since then I have been emailing a new advisor (the old one has left the firm or his email address is no longer valid) and the account management several times asking for withdrawal and they have not been responding back to me.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw USG
    Do not invest here.

    They are very quick to collect your money, but when it comes time to withdraw it, they will talk about their policy which they never mentioned before , they stop answering your calls and emails and then eventually disappear. I lost about $32,000 to this company.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw AXE Capital
    This company is a scam.

    In the beginning they constantly called me asking to add additional funds which I did. I requested a withdrawal from May and havent heard a response. They kept saying in 3 weeks and it is now August. Do not invest your money at all with them...it is a SCAM. Still not sure how this company is allowed to operate scamming ppl for money they should be fined and shut down.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw 9 Coin Options
    Coin option trading company scammed me

    Agent_Calvin of coin option trading company proved to me that they are scammers, I first invested $500 I was expecting to get a profit after 3days, he told me that I qualify for a 24hours promotion which I invested $300. When I have to cash out he told me to pay $800 as a withdrawal fee and cash out after 20mnts upon deposit, after I made that payment he told me to pay $500 as a activation fee after I paid it he still wants me to deposit $800 so I asked for my cash back which he told me he can't

    FXKOXbon3694 Published in South Africa
    Others OctaFX
    i made a recharge but didnt reflect

    I was actually going through their site when I saw some amazing features so I tried to make a return so I can earn more from them so after my recharge I did it on my dashboard just to wait and see if my recharge usdt will reflect but up to now it's 0 I tried to complain to the customer care but they have me blocked please kindly assist me and uptill now my wallet is 0 i was not refunded

    FXIATtat8003 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Fake XM Trading
    I scam by fake XM!

    i met a guy in internet ,he say he earn alot in XM and then he show me his bank transaction to prove the platform is secure, so i trust him and deposit some money to start invest , but when i want to withdraw the problem occur and i cannot withdraw my capital or profit, i found the guy to ask why but he already change his name and block me!

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
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