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    青衫客 Trader
    Released in China

    Slippage/Unable to close the position/Forced liquidation/Ban on trading

    Time: 16:00-16:15, last September Lot: 0.1 Time for opening: 2019-09-05 15:32:03 Opening price: 131.728 Stop-loss: 133.620 Take profit: 131.491 Closing price: 131.829 Closing time: 2019-09-05 18:12:19 P&L: -9.44 I couldn’t close my order, #1893216868, timely, causing a $14.4 loss. The service blamed it on wrong systemic quotation. The annex was the screenshot of the quotation. At that time, ThinkMarkets compensated me. Then same situation always occurred. Once, ThinkMarkets expanded my lot and banned my trading, causing huge losses. Eventually, my account became liquidated. I asked for compensation, but ThinkMarkets didn’t respond anymore.

    The following is the original
    ThinkMarkets 智汇滑点,卡盘,不能平仓,爆仓账户,禁用交易账户
    智汇在2019-9-号 16点至16点15分卡盘,交易量:0.10手,开仓时间:2019-09-05 15:32:03,开仓价:131.728,止损: 133.620,止盈:131.491,关仓价格:131.829,关仓时间:2019-09-05 18:12:19,盈亏:-9.44 报价源故障导致获利单子不能平仓 账号:9751285 订单号 1893216868 我的JPBJPY 在131.728成交空单,在价格到达131.67的时候要获利平仓,但是系统报价源出故障,不能及时平仓只是出现损失9.44+4.96=14.4美金 当时联系在线客服,说让发邮件说明情况。附件是当时的盘面报价截图。十字光标是当时卡盘的时间,绿色箭头是当时获利平仓的价位。 这笔小单子,ThinkMarkets 见我注意到了,是这么个小单子交易,就在第二天补偿了(附件有ThinkMarkets的补偿邮件截图),但是,后来在接下来的交易中,ThinkMarkets 不时的出现这样的情况,直到有一次我急着下单交易XAUUSDp(黄金),但是,平台无故扩大了我的下单手数,我当时没有注意到,我都是0.1手的操作,那次平台偷偷给我调到了1标准手,等我反应过来重仓了,就马上斩仓,但是,不让成交,没有成交,依然跟以前一样,系统报价源出故障(市场关闭),由于是重仓的情况下,我非常紧张,我来不及去截图,不一会儿就亏损严重,再忍痛割肉还是不让斩仓,最终把我账号爆仓,我再次发邮件给平台要求补偿,平台不在答复我的邮件了,之后禁用了我的交易账户。
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