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    FXVEJqak8762 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Pretend to know nothing till the end of the scam

    I contacted him on FB: he asked me to trade foreign exchange + virtual currency spreads and can receive earnings on the same day. At first I was helping someone else to operate his account, he said the trial period was three days, after which you can work once a week from Monday to Friday for one or two hours to get 28K salary. Then on the third day he said for various reasons that he had a job abroad and wanted to take it back, and offered me an opportunity to use my account. Then I contacted the original trader and he also helped me to do financial management, finally gave me 3 options, then I chose the cheapest 10,000 yuan, the next day he made an appointment with me, at first he helped me to operate 3 times, and then I came to operate, the first time he helped me trade from 10,000 to 58,000, and asked me to first remit the agency fee, I gave him a total of 24,000, I also foolishly remitted to him. The result was that my bank account was not correct, and after a long day, the platform returned the 48,000 dollars to my platform account. So now I have 10,000 principal + 48,000 for the first operation + 84,000 for the second, but the operator insisted that I remit to him the second time before he would give me the account, but I really did not have that much money to give him again, and then I did a lot of homework to know that many of these platforms on the Internet are fake. This time more than 30,000 yuan also lost the most miserable is that he has been playing dumb to the end ......

    The following is the original
    在FB上接觸到:說什麼做外匯+虛擬貨幣的差價 而且可以當天領一開始我是幫別人操作他的帳號 他說試用期三天,過了就可以每週1-5上班 一次一兩個小時 拿28K薪水 後來到第三天用各種緣由說國外有工作要把工作收回,並且提供一個機會給我,用我的帳號就可以了 然後我就跟原本的操作員接觸並且還幫我做理財相關,最後給我3個方案 後來我就選了最便宜的?1萬元,隔天就跟我約時間,一開始他先幫我代操3次然後之後就是我來操作 第一次他就幫我1萬變5萬8,要我先匯代操費給他總共2萬4,我還傻傻的匯給他。 匯完馬上跟我約馬上再操作第二次,我說先不要因爲我想先領到第一次的錢我再給他操作,但沒想到他直接登我的帳號直接操作完,說再匯給他代操費這次是4萬2。 結果就發生了我的銀行帳戶不對,搞了半天平台官方把這筆4萬8的錢退給我的平台帳號 所以我現在平台裡有1萬本金+第一次操作的4萬8+第二次操作的8萬4,但是操作員堅持要我先匯給他第二次的代操費,才會給我帳號,但我真的沒那麼多錢再給他,後來做很多功課才知道網路上很多這種平台都是假的。這次3萬多元也打水漂了 最可誤的是他到最後面還一直裝傻……



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