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    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    Unable to withdraw

    At first my friend told me about octafx that time I had the money to invest so I registered and deposited and trade with them after gaining the exact amount I wanted, I proceed to withdraw but it keeps telling me they have sent it but I didn't receive anything in my account.

    FXYXLgha7219 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Trades.com

    I had a trading account with ActiveTrades Bahamas number 915494. Few days ago I have received an email from the company that my account blocked due abusive trading and violation of a client agreement in point 9.14. This point is bellow: We do not permit the use of the Online Facility for unfair arbitrage activity or otherwise taking advantage of internet delays, using software or any other manipulative or abusive behaviour (such as, but not limited to, the dissemination of false or misleading

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Scam Glluck Limited
    Glluck Limited is a Fraudsters!

    Glluck Limited is a complete fake scamming website for forex and crypto trading, which taking $25,000 of money from traders!Glluck Limited agent lead the user to their crypto wallet to another address.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam GHC
    GHC promised me a stable return and then cheated me.

    GHC romised me a stable returns and then cheated clients out of their funds. Now(GHC)have run away and I lost contact to them, their website cannot be opened either, and I have lost all my money.

    FXJLSxay3706 Published in Philippines
    Scam Axes
    Axes.co Broker Scam Warning

    Attention all members, Never open a account with axes.co and deposit your money there. They are scammers and will scam your money. Please share this important scam alert in all forums and blog wherever possible. manipulated signals

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam AAFX
    AAFXTrading.com (Warning - This broker earned a SCAM label)

    AAFXTrading is a scam forex broker. A client reported that he wanted to withdraw his funds, approximately €67,000. He was told to wait. Then is password was changed, locking him of of the account. Large trades were made wiping out the money. AAFXTrading claimed they had an email from him asking for a password change, but also claimed the email address has no headers.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam JP

    I lost USD 60,000 to JP Market .you put your money an you do a copy trader the three week later their systems go down and boom you money is gone.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam ipcforex
    Scammed by a company called IPCForex.com (trader.ipcforex.com, International Pacific Capital Limited)

    I invested into Forex for the first time last month using MT5, made a little bit of money, and when I went to withdraw my money, because it was just over 10,000USD, it triggered some "advanced certification" feature. ipcforex.com (might have to type in trader.ipcforex.com) said that I had to recharge 4000usd to complete the "advanced certification" in order to be able to withdraw my money, so I did. After fee's were taken out, the amount that went through was 3999.20 and they failed me for 80 cents and said that I needed to send them another 4000. I said no, they still have my money, and now I'm here. Please help! The money they are refusing to let me withdraw is all I have after losing my job due to covid situation last April. I am here because I don't even know if I can trust the various fund recovery companies that are out there. I have many more pics if needed. Thank you all in advance!

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    ABANDONED - FXPRIMUS robbed customers' fund, FXPRIMUS is Scam.

    I am sharing my bad experience on FXPRIMUS, headquarter in Cyprus, Africa and many Countries. I hope to receive your support to solve the issue. I was requested to provide them my PLE & POA as last step to finish open-process. Right after that I got the email FXPRIMUS Completion of Live Account open. Then I normally deposited fund to account and traded, got daily trading report via the email My account was suddenly deducted by FXPRIMUS $ 16 500 (sixteen thousand and five hundred dollars) .Right after that, I have complainted to FXPRIMUS, but They did not feedback for me. I didn’t know what happened to my account following days. I did contact them via email, Live chat and even call them to support me resolve the issue. I made profitable trade, FXPRIMUS deducted my money for no reason. FXPRIMUS couldn’t show evidence and robbed customers' fund.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam 24XFOREX
    24Xforex are scammers

    24xforex are scammers, the continuous calls started with Daniel Baker in March 2021, he lured me into depositing $250, he told me I would have a financial advisor Adam Whiteman who would advise me on the trades to take and teach me a couple of things about trading, I doubled the 250$ within a day, he then adviced me to invest more and he could help me increase my investment. As a result of the pandemic I had lost my job and this seem like a good solution not knowing I was a victim.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Scam Morgan International (Hong Kong) Limited

    I have been scammed by Morgan International Group Pty Ltd (ACN 620 723 757), holds an Australian financial services licence (AFSL No. 501156) www.mogafx.com. they are a SCAM FOREX BROKER, they dont pay rebates to ib's, neither they send my funds back, i have put $15,000 USD with them i made $1200 profits and they dont want to send me my money back, they are forcing me to stay and eep trading, and they even told me to bring them more clients, dont send any money to this clowns, if you fund your account you will never see your money back ever again. My account manager namaed Gabriel are telling me they wont send me my money and i need to keep trading there, i stopped trading because i saw some mal practices, definetely i would not recommend this broker to anyone, be aware of these scammers. All they want is your money and you will never see it back, all they do they send you messages on my portal saying its in process, its been over 1 month and nothing, their livechat is worthless, they keep saying contact your account manager. I hope they get fined by the ASIC... really bad experience with them!! COMPLETELY SCAM BROKER.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam OctaFX
    I have been scammed from OctaFX

    I started to trade with 4500 and they promise to give me a 10% of what I deposit after that I started trading but when I ask to withdraw my money they said you have no right to do that and you have to sign a contract, then they said if you want your money now you should sign the trading contract and when I just ask for my capital or my starting fund the 4500$ they said okay just sign the trading contract to give you your money back even that I do not want to trade with them anymore and I just want the money that I deposit

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam Wrich
    They have and use a robot to zero your money!

    Ever since the day I met this broker and decided to check it out, I have never been able to get specific answers to my questions from the broker support. !!!!!****** Until I decided to test the cTrader platform by creating a demo account. For a while everything went well until ...When I looked at history, I saw that when I was not even working, hundreds of transactions were taken automatically and quite strangely. Which are all closed at a loss. Not even one number closed with a profit, and the same thing happened over and over again. As far as the whole account was concerned. I discussed this issue with the broker, but they did not respond. ___ ******Stay away from this broker.*******

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam TR
    this is a scam broker

    hi am kelly....I met a lady on Instagram who claimed to be a agent of this particular broker...she explained how the broker works..although I was not convinced but I decided to give it a shot...she told me I was to start invest so I did transfer of $83,250 dollars which is #150,000 in naira,which I have the evidence of....After the transfer to her...she blocked me on both WhatsApp and Instagram...my money is gone....she scammed me....plz am being you guy to stay away from this broker its a scam

    FXHDGddy9114 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Bforex
    Request you to help me in this.

    I would like to inform you that i have been trading with BForex from 2020. I had deposited 5700 usd dollar. I tried to withdraw my money from them but they kept me block in trades. And they kept on forcing me to deposit more. I took 1st withdrawal from them because i had a doubt in this trader. The made a lost of 3700 usd. They told me you can withdraw money you in lost. slowly i recovred my money. And when i asked for the withdrawal they kept saying its approved. it never happened. today 19th Aug. they asked me to place a position which made a lost of 3500 usd they called me and said deposit money to save your position. when i said no i dont have money to put in. they said then sorry we cant help close your position. I tried many times to withdraw they never did.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    unable to withdraw

    At first my friend told me about octafx that time I had the money to invest so I registered and deposited and trade with them. I proceed to withdraw but it keeps telling me they have sent it but I didn't receive anything in my account.

    FXGJDcji1785 Published in Nigeria
    Scam Bforex
    Big Scam . Dont ivest with them

    I have lost 25,000USD with Bforex . They are bigggggggg scam . First they will provide you all the profits then they will start to loose all your heard earned money . They wont even bother about you if you have started talking anything against them . Please dont invest with bforex . Can anyone tell me how to get back my money from them.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam 7BForex
    7BForex is a scammer!

    1st call- asked me to invest in very profitable business. offered all support as i am new to forex 2nd call - asked me to invest/deposit just 200 USD 3rd call - asked me to invest/deposit additional 5000USD. when i said i don't have money, he said he cannot his time on small investment. disconnected the phone. I started my own and lost my 200USD in one week. Now bforex appears in new names beware - 70 trade is one. They are making big catches with fooling the people around the world.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam TR
    Forex SCAM.........

    You get nothing now….They make it seem like you will give the free bonus straight away upon registration, then they call you and give you some rubbish about it being in a queue and can take a while, but can off this other bonus, a match to a deposit!!!!. Well if you can offer the other bonus straight away there is no reason you cant offer the free sign up bonus straight away is there? Then TR send an email saying it will be several weeks or months till you can receive the sign up bonus. What deception!!!!!! They should be reported to the financial regulation for deception in my opinion.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    Unable to withdraw

    A friend of mine told me about octafx,at first I was very doubtful,but after much convincing from him,I registered,deposited and traded with them.After gaining the exact amount I wanted, I proceeded to withdraw but it kept telling me they have sent it but I didn't receive anything in my account up till this moment.

    FXCBIsny0590 Published in Nigeria
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