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    • Unable to withdraw
    • Severe Slippage
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    Never deal with them.

    I also operate charts and cannot withdraw money from my account.Never deal with them.

    FXFNFlkx2157 Published in Japan
    Scam XTB

    Can deposit but can’t withdraw for insufficient bank card score. Why does XTB know the score without investigation? XTB has the final say on everything.

    FXJHGnar3826 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CF
    Exposure of a fraud platform freezing funds

    I hope the victims can get together to make the relevant departments attach great importance to this case and help us get our money back.

    FXRHXehj6898 Published in China
    Resolved CF
    Unable to withdraw

    It’s said about third-party payment. I quite don’t understand. I can’t deposit directly. Are forex platforms like this?

    FXKRYjmm4000 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Exness
    withdrawal refusal

    Refused withdrawal, but when you deposit they accept the deposit, I have been trading with them and its almost a month struggling to get my withdrawal because I used a bank card deposit so they said now bank card withdrawal option is not allowed but when you deposit is allowed, I tried different method like internet banking but still u can't deposit, I contacted my bank which they declared that you can't make Eft payment via a third party , then i understand and went back to explain to them stil

    FXPWBcbv6273 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw COZFX
    It’s a complete fraud platform. Don’t trust them.

    They will post the screenshot of profitable orders everyday, in fact, they are fake. Then ask you to download an app and give you a recommendation code, say that there is a guy to guide you. You will be asked to add fund while you invest here. While you wanna withdraw, they will modify your bank account information and ask for 20% confirmation fund. Some frauds ask for personal income tax. Anyway, it’s a trick to cheat you of money. You account balance is just a number. When you deposit, you can see you transfer the money to a personal account. Polish your eyes. Don’t let your hard-earned money gone. French’s mill grinds slow but sure. These frauds will be punished one day!!!!!!!!!

    FXDCRjyn1565 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Sunlaideal
    Fraud platform

    Do not be fooled. This company is a fraud company which has avoided several investigations of police. It changed the company name but it’s the same fraud company. No one withdrew here! It was all fake. They’ll let you profit and deposit. When you don’t deposit, you’ll lose money. You can be cheated with varied excuses. I’m a father, a husband. I have to feed the family. They even cheated me into borrowing money from loan sharks, saying their company guaranteed the investors make a profit from 10% to 15% daily. Luckily, my friend warned me so I didn’t fall for the trick. These frauds who cheat hard-earned money will go to hell.

    FXVKEatd8716 Published in Japan
    Scam GH Prime
    A group of scammers

    These two platforms are the same. They just changed their logo and other information. They are a group of scammers and unable to withdraw money. At first you may be able to withdraw for certain amount of money to let you to Gain trust upon them. They lure for investment with high profits and ask for commissions charges and other deposit when frequent withdrawal are made. I was one of the victims. I made withdrawal for 260000 but never received. Do not get scammed anymore..........

    cvd2020 Published in Myanmar
    Unable to withdraw APFX
    Delay my withdrawals for over half a year. Don’t help me to handle it.

    Delay my withdrawals for over half a year. Don’t help me to handle it.

    FXJHMokn3605 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Tradesto
    Can’t withdraw for nearly a year

    I can’t withdraw since December, 2019. No official response.

    FXGBEupd2653 Published in China
    Scam LBLV

    they guide you to make trades without stop loss in a software manipulated so that you lose your money and make credits to insure your false loss so that you can deposit all your capital and finally the scam ends without you being able to withdraw your money. This coup is happening with Xentenaas of Brazilians. they are analysts who call you saying the operations to be done and creating false urgencies for you to lose your capital. they are criminals.

    FXMATpen4929 Published in Brazil
    Unable to withdraw BlackBull
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform with withdrawal failure. Don’t be cheated by it. I hope the efforts to fight scam can be stepped up.

    FXSPLtxh7457 Published in China
    Scam CF
    Definitely a fraud platform

    Definitely a fraud platform

    FXSXQtyk7488 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GUOTAI
    Unable to withdraw

    I was lured inside a gay chat to a nice person that seems to have found a method for earning more money from a platform called guotai https://m-en.wentaijiaoyu.com/Thanks to his suggestion I can easily gain money, the first time withdraw was easy, the next time, withdraw was difficult and once I put a lot of money into, withdraw became impossible they always ask for more taxes and money .Easy money don't exist!

    FXHQGnly3051 Published in Italy
    Scam OctaFX
    Did not recieved Withdrawn

    Did not recieved Withdrawn. The post is written withdrawn succesful but did not recieved dollars yet since 30 hours

    FXSEYdqn7480 Published in Pakistan
    Scam GH Prime

    These two platform are the same, scam and unable to withdraw money.. they lure for investment with high profits and ask for commissions charges and other deposit when withdrawal are made. I was one of the victims. 1 withdrawal for 260000 but never received. The platform information including phone number are all fake...Do not get scammed anymore...

    cvd2020 Published in Myanmar
    Others PTFX
    Lure you by profit

    I showed the information of the fraud in order that you can avoid being cheated by him.The process of the scam is so dramatic, he used many different identities to induce others to invest and made other people reach the point of no return. The so-called teacher in the stock group focuses on customers who made a loss and recommend shares, futures or other investments to you. That’s a scam. The teacher has many different QQ in the name of analysis teacher, investment consultant of future, businessman or top operator.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Others GUO TAI
    Polish your eyes. Take care of your money!!!

    Stay away from GUO TAI and the fraud, account manager Xiaohan Wang!!

    擒贼 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw easyMarkets
    Still in process. Delay withdraw. It has been nearly a month and the withdrawal is still under review.

    I asked the customer service who said help me urge them and couldn’t give me an accurate time. I hope that my withdrawal can be solved quickly.

    FXGTGfwh2698 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IG
    Unable to withdraw. The platform is closed

    IG is a fraud platform, making you deposit but not allowing you to withdraw. Now the platform is closed. Hope this problem can be solved asap.

    FXNAVndq5339 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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