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    Unable to withdraw Fx Binary Option
    unable to withdraw

    I invested my money when I had to withdraw I was told to pay atm fee 5k and now I'm told to pay 5k for their parents company comission before I can get my profits. what should i do.

    FXXBXhdc9380 Published in South Africa
    Resolved Forex Trading

    I was scammed by a lady called Edith delight from Facebook and has about 4 different number when i was about to get my profit she blocked me from all the numbers

    FXTVKigg7789 Published in South Africa
    Resolved MiTRADE
    Liquidation invalid

    The website occurred some problems. The account was wiped out after several times loading.

    FXMRTwoo4929 Published in China Taiwan
    Others FXPIG
    Scam broker.

    They scammed a client $1900 and pays people to give positive reviews about them on websites.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Scam LiteForex

    It has been alleged by a client that liteforex cancelled all his profits and removed half of the deposits from his account.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Resolved WorldFirst
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw. The platform asked me to deposited $5,000 for risk fee. This made no sense. We were just investors, and unable to control withdrawals and deposits on the platform. I supposed it was a fraud platform. Only the official customer service responded. No telephone. I still had $25,124 in my account, but was unable to withdraw.

    FXKXXhmx4016 Published in China Taiwan
    Scam DRCFX


    FXETHues1840 Published in Nigeria
    Others Tickmill
    Scam Alert Tickmill

    See Tickmill Broker Nzdcad sell hit sl early as sl was 15 pips away. How shameless scam broker. it's my client's account. see our sl - SL POINT set at---0.88527 . market never touched 0.88527.BIG scammer broker. its unpaid

    FXETHues1840 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw FX PRIME
    SCAM ALERT FX Prime-Circle Signals/fxscalper007

    SCAM ALERT FX Prime-Circle Signals/fxscalper007 - If you do a investment, buy signals or send funds for a other package they will stop responding! They do not deliver, their investment packages are fake and they will only bring you misery. Do not investment with them, but report them as scam if you see them online! See the screenshots above, the particular client invested 100 USD and never got a product or his investment back. They just stop responding. Be careful where you invest your funds!

    FXGQXmob2614 Published in Nigeria
    Scam hiifx
    Exposure of a scammer

    Chen Dajie cheated me of a lot of money.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Others Binary Options

    Binary Option Trading - Using signals and information from other channels. Providing fake investment packages. Once you made the payment you will be blocked. They had a other channel that is marked as scam by telegram called Sure Shot Option Forex (Scam) Do not investment with them but report them as spam!

    FXVLYnsf8628 Published in Nigeria
    Scam MasterForex
    He blocked me after sending him money for investm

    A lady created Instagram account - Contacted a client and promised that he would be the best account manager he could imagine. He promised to never lose his balance. First trading session he losed the entire balance of the client. After that he blocked the client on WhatsApp and Instagram. Do not invest with this guy! When they make profit, they split the profit. When they don’t make profit they block you!

    FXVLYnsf8628 Published in Nigeria
    Others IQ OPTION
    Can't with after investing

    SCAM ALERT IQ OPTION SIGNAL TRADING - A client paid 200 USD yesterday for a investment package. Once payment is made he is blocked through all contact methods. See the screenshots above! Lets help eachother and and report the channel and the owner as many times as possible!

    FXKJIfnk4217 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Experia Markets


    FXSYRrpn7408 Published in Paraguay
    Scam hiifx

    I was promised of a fast increase of my investments, but after all the deposits I made. No progress has happened plus they're not responding to my queries anymore.

    FXPUCjtb6121 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw EXP
    Beware of Wenna

    This female scammer opened a scam company in the Hong Kong International Financial Center and was locked down by the Hong Kong police. Do not invest with her. You will lose all your assets.

    FXNRWuxn5286 Published in China Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Sure FX

    Sure Shot Option Forex - Once you made the payment you will be blocked and banned. They will not invest for you. It are amateurs that are scamming on members and taking advantage of the current situation. Please attack his private telegram and report his channel! https://t.me/sureshotbinayoptionn This is his private Telegram channel he scammed many people. Stay away and keep your money safe with you.

    FXQTLqof6501 Published in Nigeria
    Others Elite FX

    SCAM ALERT FAKE ELITE FX SIGNALS CHANNEL- It is a fake channel that is using the logo and brand name from Elite FX Signals. They offer account investment packages but block you once payment is made. They are using signals, and screenshots from other channels like the Official Elite FX Signals channel. Do not trust them and report them as scam. Thank you in advance. SCAMMERS ⬇️ https://t.me/EliteFx_investment_signal

    FXQTLqof6501 Published in Nigeria
    Scam FxTrader

    They offer account management services but do not know what they are doing. A member losed his entire balance (1,409 USD) in just 2 days. We have never seen a investment plan or a account management service on telegram that did not lose balances or scammed on their clients. Be careful with who you invest with.

    FXQTLqof6501 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Just2Trade
    Just2trade was a scammer

    Unable to withdraw. It got my principal away after I deposited. Stay away from just2trade.

    FXDJFatt1583 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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