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    FXKOVory4151 Trader
    Released in China

    The gang of scam

    The withdrawal is unavailable. I was asked to pay $500 to join the digital bank. On April 1st, I paid $1000 to unfreeze the account, while the withdrawal would take 3 months. What excuse will you find 3 months later? One can imagine that each one pays $500, 50 thousand person, which would reach 175 million. It is horrible. Don’t be cheated. They could control your account.

    The following is the original
    原来出不来金。现在反而叫你加入什么数字银行需要五百美金,才能解封。四月一日就要一千美金了。解封是解封了,但是你的本金需要三个月才能拿出来。谁知道三个月之后又要出什么诡计。光看到数字有何用,提现不行。 大家可以想象一人五百美金五万名额,那可就是一亿七千五百万。公司又要骗取一大波资金了。可以想象有多可怕。大家不要再相信了。能看到交易能看到你的账户,出不来金那就是零。
    Induced Fraud



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