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    FXIKUfjs3240 Trader
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    A stock friend pulled me into an internal group named Red Sun, in which Jiang Ziya gave recommendations on bull stock. I bought some recommended stocks and earned some. After some while, he advised us to trade the so-called digital currency with T+0 arrival, saying that the stock market was volatile. I observed for a while since the the profiting rate was low. I didn’t started until the price of TBOC surged by times and many members showed their screenshots. My appetite made me lose my mind. I got registered with the help of assistant Meng Dan. I deposited 300 thousand under Jiang’s lobbying. When 80% of my stock was bring about profits, I was surprised. Later, I wanted to withdraw the remaining 600 thousand in wake of finance crunch, while MMK BROKERS refused and even slandered that I was engaged in money-laundering. Days later, it claimed that my was under verification and kept me awaiting. At that time, I realized that it was a scam.

    The following is the original
    一个股友把我拉进了一个股友红太阳内部群。里面有老姜(姜子牙)在讲解推荐牛股。还有在老姜讲堂红太阳直播间每天分时段讲课。我看了一下推荐的股票确实也不错,我自己也偷偷的买了点确实赚了一些。过了一段时间,姜子牙一直说说股票不好做、行情不好、收益低不赚钱!一边带大家做上证指数一遍叫我们做所谓T+O的数字货币MMK数字资产交易平台。开始我对这个MMK数字资产交易平台保持怀疑的,观望了有一段时间,看到了参与DOL打新1.4U配售2.8U的现在已经涨到5 6倍,但是中签率都很小,出于谨慎我又观望了一段时间。直到TBOC打新1.6U配售3.2U同样涨了好几倍,群里的人一直在晒盈利,我心里产生了后悔的的想法,终于欲望战胜了理智,找了助理梦丹开户。老姜说错过了数字货币之王比特币,错过了老二以太坊,错过了DOL和TBC,还要错过石油能源加密币PEM吗?我头脑一热就全部身家300万!当时中签了80%我高兴得不得了,因为前面的几个币中签率都挺小的。过后我想把打新剩余的钱(60万)都提出来应急用,但就是一直不给我出说我涉嫌洗黑钱?怎么可能的事情!说是查证之后给我出。查了几天过后又说监管部门在监管我的账号,等监管部门在核实清楚才能出?我这时终于意识到我掉进了一个很高明的圈套!
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