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    FXCRMoaf0837 Trader
    Released in Japan

    Romance scam

    I was involved in an investment fraud. After getting along with him (named Devin), he behaves like a lover, reassures him, and then talks about investing at the right time. Download the MT5 and Yu Trading Tool app, introduce the customer manager (probably Guru or this person) of an acquaintance's Forex company (million hui fx) on LINE, and leave personal account opening and deposits to this customer manager. I will say. I ask this person to instruct me that it looks as if I am making a profit, I will not lose it, I am relieved that it is okay, I will tell you that I will make more profit if I increase the investment funds, and I will induce you to make more deposits. When I try to withdraw, I am told that I cannot withdraw unless I pay the tax first, and then even if I say that I should refund only the investment principal that I deposited, I am told that I will not receive money unless I pay the tax Only. When I consulted with the police and lawyers, it was definitely a fraud, but when it was exchanged on LINE, it was said that it was difficult to prove it and I could not follow it, so I had the bank used for fraud frozen under the wire fraud relief law. However, the money has already been withdrawn and the money will not come back after all. I hope there will be no more damage

    The following is the original
    投資詐欺にあいました。この人(名前はDevin)は仲良くなってから、恋人のようにふるまい、安心させてから、タイミングで投資の話をもちかけてきます。MT5とゆうトレーディングツールアプリをダウンロードさせ、知り合いのFX会社(million hui fx)の顧客マネージャー(おそらくグルかこの人本人)をLINEで紹介し、個人口座開設や入金等はこの顧客マネージャーに任せれば大丈夫と言ってきます。この人に指示してもらい、あたかも利益が出ているように見え、損しないし、大丈夫と安心させ、 投資資金を増やせばもっと利益が出ると言ってきて、さらに入金させようと誘導してきます。出金しようとすると税金を先に支払わないと出金できませんと言われ、それなら、自分が入金した投資元本だけ返金してくださいと言っても、税金を払わないとお金はもらえないと言われるだけ。警察や弁護士に相談したら、詐欺には間違いないが、LINEでのやり取りだと、証拠にするのが難しく追えないと言われ、振り込め詐欺救済法で詐欺に使われた銀行を凍結してもらったが、お金はすでに出金されていて、結局お金は戻ってきません。これ以上被害が出ないことを願う



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