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    FXKIBxfb4335 Trader
    Released in China

    Internet Fraud

    She added me via a power plant installing and repair group chat. I saw many people profit via her WeChat Moments. So I consulted her. She said the deposited money between 20,000-50,000 is retailing investors. 50,000-200,000 is big investors and 200,000-500,000 is special investors, yielding 3-5 times. And they charge 10% commission. I said I wanna invest 9,3000. So I downloaded an app and transfered my money to a personal account. The customer service explained that their recharge channel was under maintenance. At about 15:00, I used easychat which they designated to chat with them and follow their instructions. After the operation, my account balance was ,060,836 yuan. So I was going to withdraw funds. However, I found that my account was frozen the next day. The customer service explained that my bank card number was wrong and I should pay 21% to unfreeze my account. I contacted the fraud and she promised she would help me. And then she helped me deposit 70,000. I deposited 421,167.2 yuan by myself. I've paid 135,167.2 yuan in total and can not withdraw the money.

    The following is the original
    2020年12月份的时候她(萱萱)通过中国电厂检修安装交流群添加我微信的,刚开始我看到她朋友圈发的外汇赚钱,抱着试试看的心理,开始和她了解情况,她说投资2到5是小户 5-20万是大户 20-50是特约用户,说盈利是3到5倍,说盈利到账给她们公司10%的佣金,我就说投93000万,于是她通过的介绍,给我一个下载的平台,是转账到私人帐户,我就问她客服说是充值道在维护中,于月21号下午3点钟左右,用们指定的聊天工具易信,跟对方指导老师买英磅和美元的涨跌,操作完以后资产余额1060836元。于是我去提现,第二天发现资金账户被冻结,我跟客服联系,客服说我卡号错了多次转账错误已经被锁定了,只要缴足解冻资金21就可以去提现了,我又跟对方联系,她说帮我想想办法,她们团队又借了我70000,帮我充进去,我自己充了421167.20元,实在没钱了想把解冻金先拿出来不不可以了。这样算下来前后我交了135167.20元在里面提现不出来了。
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