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    FXKDPdnp4141 Trader
    Released in Canada

    American female fraud recommends a broker where you are unable to withdraw funds.

    Nationality: Canada. I live in Calgary and knew Sijia Zhao via Facebook at the end of February of 2021. Her nationality is China and lives in America. We’ve changed our phone numbers. Hers is +1(412)313-1039. The platform she recommended: https://www.ryderexchange.site/wap, called 111. And they claimed it would list in May. I deposited 1,700 USDT and succeeded in withdrawing 500 USDT. I deposited 15,000 USDT and withdrew1,300USDT afterwards. Sijia Zhao asked me about the amount of my assets on grounds of building relationship with me. And I was asked to deposit 300,000 USDT an out common assets. I withdrew 3,200 USDT when my total account balance was 50,000 USDT. But I failed in withdrawing 32,000 USDT when my account balance was 80,000 USDT on grounds of abnormal IP address. So I have to verify my ID. After that, I was asked to pay 22,000 USDT as a tax fee to withdraw funds. Sijia Zhao told me that her money was also unable to withdraw. She said she called the local police and FBI. But then when I asked her gain, she said she withdrew many times. This is so paradox. So I asked for the screenshot about calling the police. No response. She ended our relationship on grounds of distrust. I recharged over 80,000 Canadian dollars till that time. She is a fraud, claiming that her father had a building company and the phone number of her doesn’t belong to her ID.

    The following is the original
    交易平台无法出金:本人加拿大国籍, 住Calgary, 在2021年2月底在Facebook上认识“赵思佳” , https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057196732746 中国国籍,美国永久居民, 交换了电话号码, 她的是+1(412)313-1039, 她推荐交易平台:https://www.ryderexchange.site/wap,名称是莱德. 并声称交易平台和加密货币BRCK/USDT将在5月上市。(1USDT=1美元),我存入1700 USDT, 提取500 USDT,成功。我存入15000 USDT, 提取1300 USDT,成功。“赵思佳”此时以年介34岁,生育最重要为由,和我建立未婚夫妻关系,并要求我说出所有的财产,并进一步要求我存入30万 USDT到这个交易平台以作为以后共同婚房费用。在交易平台我总资产50000 USDT时, 提取3200 USDT,成功。在交易平台我总资产80000 USDT时,提取32000 USDT,失败。此时被交易平台以IP地址有问题为由要求做高级认证。高级认证成功后再提款500 USDT,失败,被交易平台告知要交税22000 USDT才可以提款。询问“赵思佳”,她说她的钱也提不出来,交易平台说她的账户异动,她已经向当地警察和FBI报案。隔天后我要求“赵思佳”出示她的提款截图,她说已经提款数次,跟以前说法相矛盾,我方知被骗。要求“赵思佳”出示她的报警截图证据,没有回应。“赵思佳”以相互不信任为由结束未婚夫妻关系。此时我已经向交易平台充值8万多加拿大货币。我警告“赵思佳”网络诈骗是犯罪,她不再跟我联络,然后在Facebook上把我屏蔽。“赵思佳”电话号码+1(412)313-1039,查实并非她本人身份证注册。“赵思佳”的活动范围大约在美国宾夕凡利亚州匹兹堡的唐人街一带。“赵思佳”声称她爸爸开了建筑公司。
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