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    FXBIFibd0761 Trader
    Released in Singapore

    A big fraud broker! Please stay away from it and let others know about it

    Easy to deposit but difficult to withdraw. Firstly, there will be some girls who are from China add you via WhatsApp or other dating apps. Then you will be tricked into investing with Vader and they ask u to deposit funds. The fraud ask me to deposit $5,000 for the first time. He will lend you some money. However, it’s not real. You can just see the number on your account.

    The following is the original
    入金容易出金难 首先这老千平台他会找中国妹加你WhatsApp不排除任何社交软件,然后跟你聊天几天后真实目的慢慢的说出口了 那就是黑平台Vader 他会让你用他的模拟账户试玩MT4 一直再诱惑你入金 这个骗子胃口很大一开口就要你入个5000美金 我跟他说我没那么多钱他大方的一面就展示出来 他说我可以借你呀但是你自己也要入一点要记得那只是让你看到的数字而不是真金白银!这就是所谓的做戏做全套演技可以拿金马奖 。然后帮你注册app向你索取身份证 银行卡 等等!本人是外汇新手在这之前完全没有动过这类东西所以被他的MT4模拟账户骗了 !



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