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    Kally Trader
    Released in Australia

    You can withdraw funds for the first time. But then your account will be frozen and you are unable to withdraw

    On March 8, I downloaded MT5, searched for onoka in brokers, registered, deposit 506 for the first time, tried a transaction, and withdrew 551.31USD the next day on the 9th. On March 11th, 1483.75USD was charged, and then I did not continue to play.
    On April 7th, I clicked in to play for 2 days and earned some USD on it. On the evening of April 9th, my account was frozen suddenly. I asked the customer service, and the customer service said it was an upgrade. The next day, on April 10th, my account was OK. I went in, and I told the customer to withdraw money, and it replied that the withdrawal channel is under maintenance. Please come to the online customer service after 12 o'clock to handle the withdrawal business. After 12 o'clock, I will ask again, it becomes "If you need to withdraw, please complete the normal transaction before submitting the application", I asked what is a normal transaction, and which normal transaction is completed? The customer service will reply: that is, you need to complete the transaction number of the total balance of your account before it is a normal transaction. I asked the other party to explain that it was gone, and then my account was frozen again. My friend had 30,000 US dollars in it and couldn't get it out, and his account was frozen. Liar ONOKA! ! ! Expose it on the whole network! ! !


    The following is the original
    3月8日,下载了MT5,在交易商里搜索了onoka,注册了,第一次入金506,尝试了做了一次交易,第二天9号去把551.31USD提取出来。3月11日把1483.75USD充进去,然后就没有继续玩。 4月7日我点进去玩了2天,在上面赚了些USD,到 4月9日晚上突然账号被冻结,我问客服,客服说是升级,第二天4月10日,我账号可以进去了,我跟客户说要提款,它就回复说是出金通道正在维护中,请在12点后再来咨询在线客服办理出金业务。之后过了12点我再去问,就变成“如果您需要提款,请您先完成正常交易后再来提交申请”,我问什么是正常交易,完成哪个正常交易?客服就回复:就是您需要完成您账户总余额的交易手数方为正常交易。我问对方解释,它就不见了,之后就把我的账户又冻结了。我朋友里面有3万美金也是取不出来,账号被冻结。骗子ONOKA!!!全网揭露它!!!   https://crm.onokaforex.com/UserBO2/reg2.php?con_code=6852eab94e286e63ea27fd892fefac54&lang=tw http://www.onokaforex.com/  
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