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    FXUPNrmr8271 Agent
    Released in Malaysia

    The withdrawal arrival is so slow, about one week.

    I push the customer service every day. And beware of the account manager. When he needs u, he says nice things. But when he doesn’t need u, he will treat u badly. He is always right when some bad things happen.

    The following is the original
    出金很慢到银行户口,大约一星期, 马来网银
    出金速度比 2019 2020 慢很多倍,之前出金当天到账,目前马来网银出金拖了 1星期以上才到账,而且每天催客服最少一次。另方面大家小心台湾账户经理,他们要用到你时,好话说尽,等你没利用价值时,一句叫你不爽就走,换平台之类,跟他投诉事情,永远一句话,都是公司和客户有问题,他自己永远是对的。还有小心在操盘时,台湾账户经理很喜欢找客户聊天,弄他们分心和刺激的话。小心不要中计,有钱拿去生活费更好,别丢进这家烂平台和不要接触这家平台的账户经理,不然你迟早会后悔!! 一年里面大吵不下百次,账户经理是最大的问题,他们搅局功力一流。远离台湾账户经理,不然短命 10年!
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