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    FXCBVftv1067 Trader
    Released in Hong Kong

    Fraud broker with fake candlestick

    Lots of people have been cheated. Pay attention! They control the risk with transaction suspension if there is a fluctuation of over 2% or the slippage of over 30%, which make you feel good.

    The following is the original
    多人中咗招 外匯欺騙網站 小心騙子 ! 
佢哋會話有良好嘅系統高低2%會停止交易, 如果下滑30%便要立刻停止買賣, 這是他們對風險保証, 令你感覺好良好, 仲會同你講每個月賺4-7%, 最高可以去到9%. 另外佢哋話皇族股東的生意, 好穩陣, 

開頭幾日甚至乎一個月係會有得賺, 不過攞唔到錢出嚟, 去到「被收割」嘅時候就會一夜間冇晒啲錢跟住變負數, -200%, 平台上邊顯示嘅外幣價格跟市場脫鈎, 即係話佢哋set幾多錢就係幾多錢(類似龐氏騙局) 近年好多中國嗰邊過去馬來西亞開金融投資公司嘅人做詐騙, 已經有很多人中招希望大家小心



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