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    FXJLSxay3706 Trader
    Released in Philippines

    MCM is a 100% Scam!

    100% Scam. As long as you are losing money, everything will
    seem fine, almost too good to be true. As soon as you make any kind of decent
    profit or even recoup a substantial amount of your previous losses, they will
    make excuses and simply remove your profits. They'll cite clauses in the agreement that say they can do
    this when there are "technical errors". These "technical
    errors" will only come into play when you make a profit, then the profits
    will be taken away, if you lose money due to these errors they will never give
    back those losses. There's nothing you can do to prevent these "technical
    errors" from affecting you since you don't even know they are present
    until after your profits have been taken away. Basically it's like going to a casino where you make a bet
    on roulette, and if any number you didn't choose comes up, you lose, and when
    the number you chose comes up, the casino says there were "technical
    errors" and gives you your original bet back, but takes away the profits.




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