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    Unable to withdraw Center focus
    Be Careful and Take Care my Friends

    Center Focus first told me that I needed a 50k trade to be able to withdraw any amount. Now that I have reached it (70k), they tell me I need to pay 12% tax first to be able to withdraw. What a shame.

    FXHHNyhr4112 Published in France
    Scam UKG
    Scammed by UKG

    I’m being scammed by UKG, they dont allow me to withdraw my money from MT5 account. They want me to pay 10% of 50.000$ to withdraw my money. Whereas I only wanted to withdraw 7000$ from balance of 133,061.55 $ Even though it wasn't me who deposited 50,000 $, I just realized that they were working with a girl to set me up The girl's name is Kelly from Hong Kong Long story short we finally realized that they were a gang scammer I just want my deposit back, is it possible?

    FXHMJsqo4330 Published in Pakistan
    Onyx Trader Scam

    First of all Nick Deflorio is NOT a scammer! If you were actually a student of ours, you wouldn’t be making FALSE accusations based on fictional assumptions. Matt is a coach with Onyx actually made 4K in the bath he is a very experienced funded trader. Doesn’t happen over night, nor does Nick claim you will become a millionaire over night. No sir he teaches, helps guide and provides a service like NONE other in the industry. I’m not just angry with this slander I’m disappointed son! Educating.

    FXHMJsqo4330 Published in Pakistan
    Scam IronFX
    ironfx denied profits

    Based on all the negative feedback on Ironfx did not want take a Chance so started of with 100$ Investment 19th Aug 2021. On 20th Aug I was understanding that my EA was performing in conformance with Back Test Results.. Here is the Chronology of Events: Account Number:20101081 (IronFX) Funded: 100$ 19th Aug 2021 Profit Made 251$ 20th Aug 2021 Received Mail from IronFX stating that my account is suspended and Profits Reversed : 20th Aug 2021 8:00 PM Checked my Account and Observed that all.

    FXHMJsqo4330 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw Binary Options
    stay away from this platform

    cannot withdraw at all after taking profit even contact customer service also cannot withdraw

    FXIFSjyw3234 Published in Malaysia
    Others LiteForex
    still havent receive my withdrawal

    i requested for withdrawal and its already has been deducted from my account. But yet its still havent reflected in my bank account. Furthermore, i've already contact their customer service but they told me to wait. it has been more than 2 weeks....

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw FBS
    apply withdraw for 1 month + cant get money

    After taking profit I request for withdraw and wait for 1month already still haven get my money

    FXIFSjyw3234 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Binary.com

    Binary when I request the money as an IB they blocked my wallet not letting withdraw. After my identity verified they ask proof of address, I send 3 different and they refuse all 3, saying they cant accept please send another. After I ask on live chat why they dont accept they say bad quality, I made perfect photo and send again they block my account with 12000$ and say they will not pay me! VERY BIG SCAMMER, dont trade on Deriv or you will never see your money! I see they do this everyday, please contact regulators so we can stop this scam and have our money back!!!

    MasterTrader Bangla Published in Bangladesh
    Severe Slippage LiteForex
    severe slippage

    i dont know whats wrong or what happened. yesterday i was floating my position just fine with a margin above 100%. yet when i checked my account the next day, all position was closed. i checked other brokers but the price arent the same.

    FXXRNnct9537 Published in Malaysia
    Resolved Millinium

    Fraud platform. Zhi Wei and Wei Ting were scammers and changed the transaction.

    FXAHPjkl1066 Published in China Taiwan
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage

    The platform caused great losses to investors by many ways.

    FXTGOqrx3262 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw aeto
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. Stay away.

    FXBVPnut2931 Published in China Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ZFX
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $100 under someone’s suggestion on wechat and made profits. Later, I deposited thousands of dollars to trade. When I tried to withdraw, it required taxes and other fees. The customer service even blocked me. Finally they disappeared and I found it was a fraud platform.

    FXIMPeyx2841 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OCTAFX
    Deposit delayed

    My account did not receive the deposit or the withdrawal.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Fake FXTM
    Unable to withdraw

    My manager Janes told me to deposit $400. When I wanted to withdraw, he refused my application. Help.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Others OLYMP TRADE
    Deposit delayed

    I deposited #1000 but my account did not receive it. They did not reply my email. Stay away.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Others FBS

    They cheated users with scams and rejected my withdrawal. Please help get them punished.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw FUDA
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. It required vip upgrade and margins before withdrawal.

    FXPLDvcw6374 Published in China Taiwan
    Others Cooper Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    The broker cheated me and told me to deposit again and again. I couldn’t withdraw my profits. It was a scam.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw ATC
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to log in the platform.

    FXNVWxbp6702 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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