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    Scam IV Markets
    please return my clients money IVM!!

    When we trade and deal with IV markets, they say no issue for withdrawal when we profit, and in the past few months we have been lost in the broker but when one time my clients profit, IVM just stop and blocked all their withdrawals, do not trade with them as they will block you if you wanna withdraw and profit alot. All our profits has been cancelled!

    BJK Published in Indonesia
    Scam N26Trade
    No profits

    All the charts were loaded as negative numbers because they manipulated everything. It was said that they led you to operate to avoid losses. My commission was more than 73000 pesos.

    Published in Venezuela
    Scam LowCostForex

    I deposited 40 dollars to test their payment system, now they do not respond to my withdrawal request. $10 SKRILL $30 BITCOIN The chat is always unavaliable. They don't answer my emails.

    FXULHrih8236 Published in Pakistan
    Scam Ring Financial

    I could not withdraw from August 30, 2021.

    RFLS Published in Indonesia
    Scam I Fund Trading
    Fraud platform

    I deposited $100 but lost my money due to the operation of the broker.

    FXRFAgxn6051 Published in Argentina
    Scam Titantrade
    Titantrade.com - Israeli Scam Titan refuses withdr

    All this begun on July 2015. My father bought a robot for trading which advised to put money on 4 different platforms so that loses can be compensated and one of this platforms was Titan-trade. As soon as titan-trade account was opened and 250$ was deposited he received call from Svetlana Titova ( i guess it was well know fraudster Tatiana Pintus) who said that robot is bad if you want to earn more money you should work with real forex “guru”J. We have complain for 60 year old persons who get.

    FXULHrih8236 Published in Pakistan
    Scam HIIFX

    The promised the deposit would be returned to me. But they ignored me and never solved the questions.

    FXEESslj3862 Published in China
    Scam MTrading
    Mtrading scams . Please don't join Mtrading

    I am a new member of this Forum . I have traded in Mtrading Forex Broker form Bangladesh . Their Bangladesh Customer Support is the best to me . They are giving me a great guideline and They all have changed my forex life . Thats why i joined Mtrading to stay with them . all were going well but the broker Mtrading has been performing like the worlds greatest Scam Broker . here are some list : 1. Recently Mtrading live 2 server suddenly gave about 110 pips spike twice , where other servers ware

    FXMEPiqb9616 Published in United States
    Scam Liberty FX
    FxClub Scam unable to withdraw

    I've been trading with these guys for almost two years (March 2016). I traded without problems making profit and even they allowed me to make a withdrawal once. Two months ago on Oct 17, I placed a withdrawal request which was rejected one, two, a number of times. Each time they requested a different document, supposedly for AML verification.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
    Scam OneUp Trader
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $400 and they sent me an email to verify the address. My transaction value exceeded $96,500 but I could not withdraw it. Please help.

    FXBXSxgb0606 Published in Venezuela
    Scam Prochoice

    The operation of their staff caused great losses to me. I contacted with them but there was no reply.

    FXTPNomr7164 Published in Venezuela
    Scam TR
    Ponzi scheme

    It was a scam and cheated many people. Beware of it.

    FXNTBaoo5738 Published in China
    Scam CWG Markets

    Unable to withdraw.

    FXDLPcmt8611 Published in Vietnam
    Scam PriorFX
    PriorFX SCAM with evidence

    I made two small deposits in PriorFX - because I noticed that she had taken and two good reviews (probably fake) (total sum 170 euros) I wanted to try them. I had seen their trading specifications : leverage up to 1:200 for indices. (you can see even now in the screenshot attached from their site that they claim their leverage for indices is up to 1:200). I opened a one lot position for dax (selling it) at 10.710,00 price and I noticed that 60 euros were used as margin.

    FXULHrih8236 Published in Pakistan
    Scam Helius Capital
    WARNING! Fake Broker

    Helius Capital is a fraud! It´s a fake broker that has no regulation. Managed by a group of scammers, probably from Hong Kong and USA. It´s not registered in UK, and definitely it is not owned by the Standard Chartered Bank.To fund an MT account they ask you to deposit in a personal account in the Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong and put: "PERSONAL EXPENSES" for the purpose (totally suspicious).

    Macarena Published in Panama
    Scam FTSE

    They stole my money and asked me to pay taxes.

    FXMCEdvt8997 Published in Spain
    Scam SUN CFD

    They took more than $1020 from me and blocked my account.

    FXSNOuni3295 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $80000 but when I wanted to withdraw, it told me that I had to pay the margin.

    FXDYWhvm4376 Published in Taiwan
    Scam iForex
    I got Scammed by iForex

    At the beginning a lady from iforex called me many times to make me enroll to their platform with USD100. Later their fund manager called and said he is the one who is going to guide me in trading. At he beginning I started to see some profit. Later he said if I invest more I can gain more money so ask me to invest me more USD 200. And now I see the trading goes to my side. Later he ask me to invest more money as the market is gaining. So invested more. Suddenly the market went opposite direct

    FXHMJsqo4330 Published in Pakistan
    Scam Cooper Markets

    My investment disappeared from my account.

    FXMMAnjk9970 Published in Venezuela
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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