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    Scam Hong Kong Kaiser International Limited
    hong kong kaiser intenational limited its a scam fraud company .stolen me $104.458.us Dollars.

    this company it's a fraud it's under investigation.this company also closed my account.after stolen my money..

    FXXEBmsw9285 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    This is the platform that does not allow withdrawal

    Cannot withdraw after paying margin, does not dare to respond, just keep cheating

    FXEOKqhv1810 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Cooper Markets
    Please approve the withdrawal.

    I have been withdrawing from the broker for almost 2 months my funds are not approved please approve my withdrawal. It's my last money to live on, please approve.

    FXBCExel0711 Published in Thailand
    Scam Cooper Markets
    Malaysian Penang native Liang Jie is the biggest scammer

    Liang Jie, a native of Penang, Malaysia, is currently living in Kuala Lumpur with a group of so-called consultants in "Cooper Markets", using foreign exchange transactions to defraud, headed by his vice president, Yang, and Liang Jie as the head of marketing. Now it has been one month since Cooper Markets’ fraudulent activities, and now Liang Jie used to solve the victimized investors as an excuse, saying that he personally asked another foreign exchange broker’s boss (Coinma International, which claimed that there were entities in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, but it was actually just a The shell company) to lend 300,000 US dollars, with an account of 5,000 US dollars per victim, 150,000 US dollars in Mainland China, and 150,000 US dollars in the Taiwan team to trick these victims into cheating again. Global investors, please recognize this scammer.

    1413 Published in China
    Scam ZXMarkets
    Scam broker.

    A client claims he lost more than 30 lac rupees after he was tricked into investing more and more by this broker so that they could earn more commission. He advised others to stay away from this broker.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw IronFX
    Lots of complaints.

    It has been more than one month since a client requested for withdrawal and still they are processing. The client has called this broker a scam.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw TOKEN

    A friend I met on the Internet taught the operation, but I found that the money and principal I earned could not be withdrawn. The personal information and identification verification have not been passed, and the website has disappeared in the past few days. I have never withdrawn any money, and I don’t know where the inventory selling cost comes from.

    FXBDJilm0625 Published in Hong Kong
    Scam Cooper Markets
    Please Return Money

    Dear Mr Akac Kong, I like to let you know that I'm a blind person who invested in your MAM. I'm really heart broken because I have lost almost all of my savings. I don't know how am I going to survive in the months and years to come. I appeal to you Mr Akac to kindly return to me all the money that you have taken away from me. It's not so bad if you steal from someone who can see. But to steal from someone who is a blind is a great sin in the eyes of God.

    FXHFUprq2936 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw InvestFlow
    InvestFlow is a scam

    Trust them and deposit 2,500 usd for the benefits they offered. Then I wanted to withdraw since I did not see results and they prevent me. When trying to withdraw they tell me that the withdrawal has not been completed for no reason, I contact support and they do not give me a reason. SCAM !!!

    FXDNWjeb1462 Published in Paraguay
    Unable to withdraw Spring
    Analyst Weilun does not allow customers to withdraw money, and deceives retail investors into multiple deposits for liquidation

    Repeatedly deceive retail investors into deposits without withdrawal, a real liar, let you blow up your position and then continue to lie to you

    FXPXGtgd6048 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw LEBWAY
    Cannot withdraw

    After a friend I met on the Internet took the foreign exchange operation, I was persuaded to apply for this fraudulent foreign exchange platform account. At first a small amount of money can be withdrawn smoothly, but I cannot withdraw it for more than 1 week after applying for a withdrawal on 6/29. I ask the customer service and they reply that the 7/2 withdrawal amount has been transferred to Taiwan, and the account amount includes the deposit plus the operating profit amount of 241,743USD. At present, all the withdrawals have been applied. Can you help recover the funds? Thank you!

    FXERXvkb1983 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw GLENBER
    Cannot withdraw, application not approved

    Please note that I have applied for 3 times and have to wait a long time. After the review failed, they kept saying that my account was abnormal, and I suspected that they did not withdraw the money deliberately

    FXJNJfoc3723 Published in China
    Others Experia Markets
    It fell very easy, help me!

    They promised me that if I invested 200usd ... 730 thousand in Colombian pesos, they would bring it with it through forex and multiply it, I received trust mail and I continued, this is the time they do not respond to me. What a disappointment.

    FXSTGhba7307 Published in Colombia
    Scam Ethusdt
    Scam company Ethusdt

    Ethusdt is a fraudulent company. A Taiwanese woman named Lee Poetry is a solicitor. She can't withdraw money. In order for her to withdraw 6 million yen, she will send an email telling her to pay another 6 million yen. The following email. Reason for rejection: You have not paid the last 6 million yen deposit to guarantee your bank account information, so we cannot provide you with the withdrawal conditions for the time being. Please pay 6 million yen to ensure that your bank account is secure and Submit a withdrawal request again. Regulate as a fraudulent company.

    FXNVUgrn5205 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw HighLow
    I can't withdraw

    My friend earned 1 trillion yen, but when I tried to withdraw it, it was frozen without permission. Customer service make excuses and do not respond.

    FXXLXndd9561 Published in Japan

    Like I was cheated. When I traded thousands, I can withdraw less than 10 minutes. When I step up to tens of thousands, I will withdraw and tell me to confirm my identity. If I don't confirm my identity, I can't withdraw. I had to pay tens of thousands of free money while trying to study and learn, and with the intention and patience, the feeling was not enough, it was also a waste of money and time.

    FXEKLtft1814 Published in Thailand
    Others ZH INTER
    Scam platform

    After paying the tax, another request is made. Various excuses. Can you help me?

    米特 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Sunton Capital
    Withdraw money and no money

    Withdraw money and receive money within 2 hours. It's been 3 days and I haven't received the money yet.

    FXMWBbjo4809 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Sunton Capital
    rufuse to withdraw

    They insisted on me to increase my deposits knowing that we did good results. when I asked for withdrawal they refused

    FXKOKvyy4060 Published in France
    Unable to withdraw GTM
    GTM bad scam platform, freeze the assets

    GTM, a nasty platform that asks to pay a risk contribution equivalent to own assets before it can be allocated in order to withdraw money completely This is undoubtedly exploiting two layers of skins for traders... Super nasty scam platform, everyone must be careful...

    FXNUSmfo5288 Published in Taiwan
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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