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    Unable to withdraw AMUNDI
    Fraud platform

    Beware of scams. Unable to withdraw.

    FXCJAwwc1628 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Sunton Capital

    Fraud platform. He cheated you with many scams and persuaded you to deposit. But you were unable to withdraw.

    FXYNLmug3298 Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw aetosszonetw
    Account blocked

    It led me to deposit with certificates. But then I found I was unable to withdraw.

    BIT3896036591 Published in Taiwan
    Others XS

    The platform ignored my question and delayed it for a long time. Beware.

    云朵 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Nobel Forex
    Nobel Forex is a Scam!

    On April 15th, I deposited 30,000 pesos in my Nobel Forex trading account. After that, I had some losses. I deposited 12,000 and 18,000 pesos on May 29th, and then I started to make money. When my balance reached 8,000 USD, I tried to withdraw 4,000 on September 12th. From the second day, every day, representatives (in the live chat): Rose Allen and Steven Hoffman said that the withdrawal has been approved and they will send money soon, which will take 2-5 days. The money was not sent, and they did not reply to my email. On September 19th, Steven Hoffman explained to me that the company will calculate the money of all customers and they will not be able to send money until November 1st. On September 20th, I sent a new withdrawal request. From this day on, all the funds in my trading account ($9,050) are still not responding to my emails or calls. They even blocked my live chat, no People talk to me.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Scam Intercity broker
    They are total Scammers.

    Brainwash you into investing with good returns with their friendly chat then when you want to withdraw they go silent. I have been trying but my account Manager Max Barkley seems to have gone silent. I have contacted my credit card company in the hope they can alert the Fraud team and prevent others falling into the same trap. I know I shall never get my deposit back of 5,000 PHP but just want them booted out. The thieves.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw DE LI HUI HUAN QIU
    Account blocked

    I lost more than 70,000 yuan and tried to withdraw in September. But my account was blocked.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Easy Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    My withdrawal delayed form February 24 and they never contacted me. I could only wait.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Others Fake Ace Top
    Forced liquidation

    I traded for half a year but my account was liquidated due to high fluctuation. I lost more than 70,000. Sometimes deposit delayed.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Others ZFX
    Terrible customer service

    At 5:45 April 21, they sent many email to me as the following pictures showed.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Fxtrading
    Unable to withdraw

    I paid the taxes but they rejected my withdrawal. Income tax hedging fee paid on September 2 Notice to pay handling fee on September 6 Payment of handling fee on September 8 Notice to pay profits tax on September 10 Profits tax was paid on September 10 Profits tax payment failed to pass the review on September 13, so I need to hedge It was agreed on September 13 that as long as the profit tax hedging fee is paid on September 14, the platform will compensate me 10 times the payment fee if I do not receive the payment on September 17 and September 20 Profits tax hedging fee paid on September 13 Notice on September 15 requires the payment of profits tax hedging fee for the second time. Is it still reasonable? Please help me. The balance disappeared when I checked the account on September 20.

    FXCPRlmr4015 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Unable to withdraw

    The analyst cheated me to deposit on this platform.

    FXDCFohd8898 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Vader
    Unable to withdraw

    A woman from China invited me to deposit on Vader but I failed to withdraw.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw DUMBLL
    Unable to withdraw

    It required 20% tax and then blocked my account.

    FXXUCxis1863 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw BEL
    They stole my money and took everything from me

    They stole my hard earned money , 8,500EUR. i did deposit and did a couple of trade and then decided to withdraw my money and never heard from them. Even the online chat were not responding to any of my request. They are 10000% pure scammers. Be aware people !!!

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Others DUP Capital
    Beware of this syndicate. They've very good at it

    I was convinced by my Uni Lecturer to invest in this broker. It is said this investment will generate me 10% monthly whichsounded to me like a safe and stable investment opportunity. They asked me to register and open an account under my name. He said that the fund will be reflected in my account immediately after a successful deposit. Unfortunately it has been one week and i still haven;t receive any fund. Please be aware of this broker and their agent

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw CFE
    Unable to withdraw

    My account was blocked because of wrong card number. But I provided the materials. It still told me to pay 15% margin.

    FXSGCtge1869 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw AGA TRADERS GROUP
    Unable to withdraw

    I opened an account in November 2020 on AGA Traders. When I tried to withdraw after making profits, it rejected my withdrawal. I found it was a fraud platform without any regulation.

    FXSEMfdb5739 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage Genesis
    This broker is a fraud! Earning money from slippage!

    Refer to pics below, i made a comparison between 2 different chart. This broker's chart clearly manipulated the price, while you can see on the other chart the price are normal. This slippage costs me a lot of money and cleared almost all of my account fund! Upon checking, it seems like this broker are not even registered as NFA Membership!

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw FXCC
    requested for withdrawal but my request is undercompliance review????

    This broker is holding my withdrawal request for ridiculous reasons! At first they flagged my document aren't the same address. I emailed them but they barely respond to my report. I tried to fulfill all the things they requested to me in order to verify my authenticity. But now they sent me an email saying that my request is under compliance review. What is this nonsense? They don't want to pay my withdrawal!

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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