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    help me back my funds

    capital.com i and my friend give 50/50 donate this funds to try a good looks investment at 6march 2021.thats time we so hard to get work funds for salary coz of pendemic Covid 19 issue in malaysia.so we donate to capital.com because of this

    FXDLSawv1255 Published in India
    Broker Scam

    I am unable to withdraw my funds and profits. Sashi tropedo is a thief

    MFadhil Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw TCC
    withdrawal restrictions

    3 months after my first withdrawal and i still couldn't withdraw the larger part of my profit as well as my invested capital while it's been 10 days I think it is actually difficult to get a withdrawal directly from Top Capital Corporation Limited after the first time, they allow you withdraw once and try to convince you to deposit more, then they abscond.

    FXCCKdsb0886 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw CCC
    Unable to withdraw

    10% margin was required

    FXUDOptx8017 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    Unable to withdraw

    If profit funds are frozen, deposits are required to withdraw funds, otherwise no withdrawals will be made. Don’t trust this platform.

    FXERSddd1952 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    They tried to abscond

    Everyone needs to recognize X Spot Markets as the liars they are and not be fooled! when consulting them, be sure to keep a record of transactions and conversations. Unable to withdraw initially like i was, customers have been urged to write to financialrecovery.tech for a refund. X Spot Markets let you profit, then let you lose money again and again and again, tormenting you by inch. And you will lose all the money in the end without noticing the scam.

    FXCCKdsb0886 Published in United States
    Severe Slippage Exness
    Spread manipulation

    I executed a trade and the spread was brought up to high, check the spread gap

    FXYMGivr9832 Published in South Africa
    Resolved FOREXTER
    This broker is a fraud

    Unable to withdraw

    FXNVYqig5279 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    Unable to withdraw

    I was induced by a woman named Onoka. I profited and could withdraw funds for the first time. But he told me that I should recharge more for the second time. But I was unable to withdraw. Can I recover my money?

    kan Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Westfield Global
    refused to permit withdrawal

    They refused to let me withdraw on the grounds of incorrect details but my writing to financialrecovery.tech resulted in a refund and made me realize Westfield Global Enterprise went on to edit my online information so as to restrict withdrawal on my account and i'm sure they must have also done this to a lot of other investors.

    FXCCKdsb0886 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    It has been over a year since I was unable to withdraw funds while no one solves this problem

    In the past half a year, it was still unable to solve the withdrawal problems of old customers. The official website said that the solution before the end of March is all a deceptive trick, and the purpose is to keep delaying. Old customers will never come to this one again

    FXDXKqbk1442 Published in China
    Scam LiteForex
    Stop out scam and fabrication figures

    They would do anything and fabricate anything to justify their actions. First they said my account balance was about $7500 when I challenged there figures with manual calculations they said no its $7425.57 and now after calculating my balance manually i released that my balance was $7592.62, are just co-operate internet fraudsters.

    FXDDHsaj1471 Published in Nigeria
    Scam CME Group
    So bad

    I've deposited so much. I wanna pay the tax after withdrawing funds. But he said it was regulation

    FXUBBuon8233 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Fake FXTM
    Fake FXTM

    Participating in their anniversary campaign,can’t withdraw money now. If the time is exceeded, 5% of the total amount will be deducted every day. I now have more than 4,300 dollars that can’t be paid

    FXADXlwx0377 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TPS
    Unable to withdraw. Close my account compulsorily

    I applied for withdrawal on March 24 and received the withdrawal email on the same day, but I have not received the funds so far. During this period, I have been following the company and contacting customer service without any response. I logged on to the official website of the platform on the evening of the 31st and couldn’t access it directly. MT4 on PC shows that the account is banned, junk company, black platform

    FXDPPekh1230 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw golday9999
    Unable to withdraw in golday9999

    I've deposited $20,200 on golday9999 last year and traded for three months. After I profited, I applied for withdrawal of $3,000. But my application wasn't processed for days. I pumped them for details and they just sent me a notice and told me that I traded abnormally, asking me to withdraw my principal with 6% handling fees. I don't understand where I traded normally. I expose here and want golday9999 to compensate me $13,000.

    FXELQkha1709 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IG
    Internet Fraud

    She added me via a power plant installing and repair group chat. I saw many people profit via her WeChat Moments. So I consulted her. She said the deposited money between 20,000-50,000 is retailing investors. 50,000-200,000 is big investors and 200,000-500,000 is special investors, yielding 3-5 times. And they charge 10% commission. I said I wanna invest 9,3000. So I downloaded an app and transfered my money to a personal account. The customer service explained that their recharge channel was under maintenance. At about 15:00, I used easychat which they designated to chat with them and follow their instructions. After the operation, my account balance was ,060,836 yuan. So I was going to withdraw funds. However, I found that my account was frozen the next day. The customer service explained that my bank card number was wrong and I should pay 21% to unfreeze my account. I contacted the fraud and she promised she would help me. And then she helped me deposit 70,000. I deposited 421,167.2 yuan by myself. I've paid 135,167.2 yuan in total and can not withdraw the money.

    FXKIBxfb4335 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FXDD
    FXDD。 Deduct profits and block withdrawals

    Account: 1015096. Profit: 14,792.99. Apply for withdrawal on November 20, 2020.

    FXJXYorw3644 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IX Securities
    IX Securities deducts my profit and doesn't allo withdrawals. Don't solve problems

    I opened an account in November, 2021. Account: 516333. Deposit $40,000 and profit 13,542.72.

    FXJXYorw3644 Published in China
    Others Fake ANC
    Fraud broker. Stay clear of it

    Unable to login.

    FXAQGbfh0203 Published in Taiwan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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