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    Scam Titantrade
    Titantrade.com - Israeli Scam Titan refuses withdr

    All this begun on July 2015. My father bought a robot for trading which advised to put money on 4 different platforms so that loses can be compensated and one of this platforms was Titan-trade. As soon as titan-trade account was opened and 250$ was deposited he received call from Svetlana Titova ( i guess it was well know fraudster Tatiana Pintus) who said that robot is bad if you want to earn more money you should work with real forex “guru”J. We have complain for 60 year old persons who get.

    FXULHrih8236 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw SUNAC
    Fraud platform

    Unable to withdraw. At first I gained $700 and withdrew successfully in half an hour. The second time, I wanted to withdraw but it took 24 hours and failed. Then my account was locked and I could not withdraw. The customer service told me to pay $80000 to unlock it.

    FXKQLynu2803 Published in United States
    Severe Slippage Sunton Capital
    price jump

    price sudenly jump and not same with real price

    FXIVEgyd6556 Published in Indonesia
    Scam HIIFX

    The promised the deposit would be returned to me. But they ignored me and never solved the questions.

    FXEESslj3862 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Nasdaq-Market
    Unable to withdraw

    The withdrawal delayed for a long time.

    FXLJNkmy4282 Published in China
    Others Coin Fx Trade
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited in the wallet but could not withdraw it. I contacted with the customer service but there was no result after 1 week.

    不吃香菜的小孩 Published in Malaysia
    Scam MTrading
    Mtrading scams . Please don't join Mtrading

    I am a new member of this Forum . I have traded in Mtrading Forex Broker form Bangladesh . Their Bangladesh Customer Support is the best to me . They are giving me a great guideline and They all have changed my forex life . Thats why i joined Mtrading to stay with them . all were going well but the broker Mtrading has been performing like the worlds greatest Scam Broker . here are some list : 1. Recently Mtrading live 2 server suddenly gave about 110 pips spike twice , where other servers ware

    FXMEPiqb9616 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ATC
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. It required 10% margin because my account information was wrong. Beware of it.

    FXFACbxg0188 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MBG Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    I withdrew on October 4 but the platform delayed it due to many reasons.

    FXIMObbb2751 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TOMAHAWK
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $93000 on this platform and $60000 in MT4 account. I found it was a scam and I could not contact with the customer service.

    FXRINkwi1264 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Coin Fx Trade

    An amount of dollar was deposited into my coin wallet and since then, have been unable to withdraw it, it has been bring error in withdrawing, I contacted their customer service, for like some weeks now, still the same message from them, I can't withdraw my $50+. I'm very tired of this

    FXYQNrxu3153 Published in Nigeria
    Others Trust
    High fee

    trust wallet is very dubious, I can't withdraw unless I get from, and the amount for getting the tron is very much, high amount of tron to withdrew, and they take longer time to credit the other wallet after sending the usdt or bitcoin

    FXYQNrxu3153 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw FBS
    scammed by FBS

    i widthrwn 922 use last September 21 , widthrwal showing successful , but money not cradited in my account. , i request and mail so many time to FBS customer care....but they are not helping me ....they scammed my ,922 usd ,

    FXODTaip9344 Published in India
    Others GHC

    GHC ran away on September 4 but rejected withdrawal. They were scammers.

    FXYMRbfa2836 Published in China
    forexmarket Refused to credit my account

    i need help with this forexmarket broker, i made a ddeposit to my acc-283750 since december-2017 using bitcoin but was not credited, i complaint to thesupport time without number but uptil now they were unable to credit my acc despite the promises to credit the acc, it is almost four months that i had been writing to them but could not avail.this act doesn't speak well of them.

    FXHMJsqo4330 Published in Pakistan
    Others Finexey

    They changed my data but did not tell me the truth. The balance totaled $6500 but now there was only $465.

    FXUOKcgu3518 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw Fxedges
    Unable to withdraw

    I did transaction from $323 but they rejected my withdrawal. I wrote email to them but they did not reply.

    FXCXIyge7232 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw Ring Financial
    Unable to withdraw

    The withdrawal delayed for 45 days.

    RFLS Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Smart Trader
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $92.89 and started operation. My balance increased to $4000 but I could not receive my withdrawal.

    FXWKDxgm2099 Published in Venezuela
    Scam Liberty FX
    FxClub Scam unable to withdraw

    I've been trading with these guys for almost two years (March 2016). I traded without problems making profit and even they allowed me to make a withdrawal once. Two months ago on Oct 17, I placed a withdrawal request which was rejected one, two, a number of times. Each time they requested a different document, supposedly for AML verification.

    FXVNWtfh8618 Published in Pakistan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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