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    Unable to withdraw DMM FX
    DMM Denied my Withdrawal

    After several attempts to withdraw my money from DMM FX, I can tell you they are a fraud platform. I made an initial deposit of 90000 yuan which yielded profits over time. When I tried to withdraw, it was denied and they blamed the Restrictions on technical problems. Later, a 10% tax was requested to allow my withdrawal The fee was so much for me at that time and they froze my account for delayed payment. I didn't get a response from them since I asked to liquidate my account, I implore other investors to stay clear of DMM FX, they have nothing to offer.

    FXWCUser8805 Published in Australia
    Scam TR
    IQ option is scam broker

    this man work for iq option, a lot of people is calling him scammer

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Scam USGFX
    Report this broker. Make it unable to do business here

    Fraud broker. Keep tricking people into depositing funds. We should complain about this broker together.

    王辰锋 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DMM FX
    Unable to Withdraw from DMM FX

    My experience with this company has been quite unfortunate. I heard about them in December 2020 when i made an initial deposit of CNY 71000 (about £8000) into my trading account which yielded good profits. I became more interested and made another CNY 90000 (£10000) to make better returns. Late last year, after Christmas, i tried to make a withdrawal which was denied. I reached out to Chris from their support who claimed withdrawals were a bit delayed due to an End of year system upgrade. Up till Last week, i didn't have access to my money and they stopped responding to my complaints. Like many other traders i spoke to, tech some sort of experts and they were able to get my money including my accruals. This awful situation with DMM FX prevented me from enjoying the holidays with my family as i would have loved but i learnt a key lesson, Always test the waters before committing. I implore other investors to stay clear of DMM FX, they have nothing to offer.

    FXOBVunw5878 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw BTCUSDT
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw

    FXPIWeee6105 Published in Vietnam
    Scam DMM FX
    Cheat money. Abscond. Do not reply messages

    I have a WeChat friend who is a salesman, making Short term foreign exchange. This guiy sent me a QR code and asked me to invest. Then I began to invest with a teacher he recommended. But I always made mistakes even if I was so careful. Then they induced me and threatened me to add money to keep investing. In fact, the data was manipulated by them. After the three-round operations, I applied for withdrawal. The withdrawal hasn’t arrived. I was told to pay taxes. It has been a month and no one replied to me. They keep cheating others via other platforms. I hope investors can stay away from these frauds!

    无名 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw wilkesfx
    wilkesfx is a fraud broker. Unable to withdraw

    There is no customer service here.

    FXVVMmmc8673 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED
    NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED is a fraud company. Unable to withdraw

    NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED is a fraud company. Unable to withdraw

    FXVBXbrn8544 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw East
    EastCentury Group

    Try to withdraw and was told if I didn’t have my trading account above $50,000US I had to pay Profit tax!!! This is what they told me:- “Hello, sir, I have checked that your withdrawal amount is 39000 USD, and your withdrawal funds, I have checked that your funds have not reached the tax exemption standard of our exchange, and the tax exemption standard of our exchange is 50,000 USD. Then they wanted verification funds of 5% of the withdraw from the account the withdraw is to be deposited into.

    FXGEHucx2449 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw MIEX
    imposed tax doesn't guarantee withdrawal

    My experience with MIEX has been pretty rough so far. I tried to withdraw my profit but they asked that i pay tax, i decided i was going to withdraw my principal instead but they also asked for a withdrawal fee so basically, they restricted my access to withdraw, financialrecovery. tech had a major role to play in restoring that access. Speaking to other victims, i've come to realise that even after you pay the tax and withdrawal fee, nothing happens.

    FXFIQhrq2380 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Eddid
    Unable to withdraw

    Trick u into investing with this broker with small profit and then ask for money to upgrade. Later, you will be required to pay the individual income tax amd unfreezing fees. After the freezing time, they just closed my account. I was cheated of hundreds of thousds!!? But this platform still exists!!

    FXXEVvch9237 Published in China
    Scam STO
    Who has been cheated like me???

    I deposited 10,000 yuan on April 2. But I am unable to withdraw. That is my hard-earned money!!! At first, they told you this investment was profitable via WeChat. And they taught you to operate via YY. In the end, you were told to add positions for wrong operations. I hope there will be no more person cheated... If you encounter sucn kind of things, please call the police. If there are many people calling the police, the police will attach more importance to this case!!!

    FXPXJkrc6111 Published in China
    Scam RazerMarkets
    Scam scam Scam

    Offered credit to carry out trades by Senior Account Managers . Fake Trades opened at low low prices and hence trades show huge profits . Credit has to be paid before a penny can be withdrawn. You can’t pay the credit and one loses all their hard earned money!!!!!

    FXJMOcyx3859 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw Veracity Markets

    Veracity Markets has been keeping me waiting on my withdrawals, at first they said they changed the bank details. Then after that they said they have technical banking issues and later last month they promised to fix withdrawal problems by 15th April our withdrawals will successfully but still nothing.

    FXCGIsuv0908 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw M&G
    Wrong account. Money is needed to change the account. Late fees have been required. Unable to withdraw

    I've paid over 100,000 of all the fees

    FXHIKgpm3056 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ZYGJ
    Unable to withdraw

    My 26000usd was stuck in this platform for weeks, they don't have a functional support or even a call line. I was encouraged to make deposit by one of their marketers I met on Facebook. I couldn't reach him or anyone from ZYGJ .

    FXOBVunw5878 Published in New Zealand
    Lose a lot under their guidance. The agent and broker here suck

    I’ve lost nearly $10,000! Stay away from the agent with an alias Heshang!!!

    FXBEKygj0439 Published in China
    Others Axion Trade
    Axion Trade

    I haven’t profited for over two months. And there is no staff explaining. We may lose all the money invested. It’s a fraud company

    FXEJOnhi1968 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Experia Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    I've invested 3,100 in total in Experia Markets. But I am unable to iwthdraw now. This is a scam

    FXWMBbuu8980 Published in Salvador
    Unable to withdraw ZYGJ

    Please pay attention that we are unable to withdraw funds in 111. Do not be cheated. Now there is over $10,000 in my account.

    FXYDAqse9843 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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