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    Released in Philippines

    Half of my funds cannot be withdrawn

    I applied for a withdrawal of US$ 10,724 in the afternoon of 31/12/2020. CNY 50,000 was received at 23:55 p.m.
    Since 01/01/2021, neither had they replied to my message, nor did they explained why the remaining part had not been funded. If the account of CNY 50,000 received in the evening of 4th night is because of the single transaction limit of bank card, then the rest should have been paid before 1th. Without any notification from the platform, at least about CNY 20,000 have not been withdrawn. It was my first time that I encountered this situation. Normally, this situation would not occur even when the withdrawal reaches CNY 200,000. My account details are as follows

    The following is the original
    2020.12.31下午申请出金10724美金2020.12.31---晚上时间23.55分到账50000人民币 2021.01.01全天信息留言没有回复,也不说为啥剩余部分没有到账,到今天还是没有回信息也没有到账,如果说四号晚上到账属于银行卡单笔限额50000,那么1号全天本就应该补齐剩下的部分,平台没有任何通知的情况下,少将近20000人民币没有到账,第一次看到,出金到账,只有转一笔,且还是出金的一多半,剩下的竟然没得给???正常来说,账户出金20万人民币都不得出现这个情况呢,真实账户如下
    Unable to withdraw



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