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    FXPYKyum6228 Trader
    Released in United Kingdom

    Unable to withdraw

    This platform did not allow withdrawals, and began to say that withdrawals need to pay a withdrawal channel fee, and said that after payment, you can withdraw funds, but then they said that the country’s personal income tax was stipulated. After payment, the platform suddenly disappeared, and an email was sent saying it took a few days for the system to be upgraded and maintained. After three days, the customer service platform server disappeared. Today, another email was sent suddenly, and the customer service was contacted again. I asked him when the withdrawal can be received, and now he said that MT4 has terminated the cooperation, and the withdrawal needs to be processed for VIP before the withdrawal can be made, if not, you need to queue up

    The following is the original
    这家平台不让出金,开始说出金需要缴纳出金通道费,说缴纳之后就可以出金,可之后又说国国家规定的个人所得税,缴纳之后平台突然不见了,发来邮件说是系统升级维护需要几天时间,跟着三天联系不到客服 平台服务器也消失了,今天又突然发来一个邮件,客服又联系上了。问他提款了什么时候可以到账,现在又说MT4终止了合作,提款需要办理VIP才可放款,如果不办理需要排队
    Unable to withdraw



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