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    Released in China

    Unable to withdraw in bitcoin trading

    A broker on MT5 called btcmachine was still online. Please help me withdraw. There were more than 10,000 users who were scammed. I deposited $10,000 and gained $10,000, so my balance totalled $20,000 as the screenshot showed. I withdrew on August 2, and it said they were off work at 16:00. On August 3, I was told that the system was maintained. On August 4, it asked for a minimum of $50,000 to withdraw according to the contact. These were scams. Please help me! My account was cleared and reset again and again. The webpage was unstable.

    The following is the original
    btcmachine ltd这个在MT5上的交易商,目前还挂着没跑路,希望贵平台可以帮我及时追回,超过万人规模的受骗在进行中。目前有2万美在账户无法出金其中1万美是入的,1万美是赚取的,转账截图聊天截图账户截图都有,8.2出金说下午4点下班,8.3出金说系统维护升级,今天8.4出金说和涌金系签了协议,必须5万美金以上才能出金,套路一天换一个啊。希望可以及时帮助我追回,真诚感谢!期间我的账户也是被反复清空又重建,还有网页也是跳转不稳定。
    Unable to withdraw



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