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    FXRRBiiu6850 Trader
    Released in China

    RIFA defrauds by Zhang Xiankui’s private account

    On December 8th,2018,I was induced by Zhang Xiankui of RIFA to transfer 25 thousand RMB to the account 6236681210001745012 through China Construction Bank Corporation Shanghai Futures Branch.It equaled $3333.33 with the rate 1:7.5.The salesman said that the platform invited two elite teacher Liu Gudu and Li.Especially,teacher Liu, who can profit 180 pips within 2 hours to earn money by 16 times,is a professional analyst.They all operate for who has large fund.I was in small fund with high risk.He said that these two teacher is the profit guarantee.Since december 10th,2018,the salesman has became the customer service,who asked me to delete the posts online,saying that this is slander.He told that as long as I follow them,I would get back my fund.I appeal more person to avoid the fraud platform.

    The following is the original
    日发金融诱骗客户用张贤奎个人账号骗金 后续
    2018年11月8日,在平台发布了,日发金融业务员诱骗我通过向张贤奎 账号 6236681210001745012,中国建设银行股份有限公司上海期货支行入金2.5万人民币,以1:7.5的汇率3333.33美金,业务员王宝强说,他们平台聘请了刘(孤独)老师和李(木子)老师,两位都是金融界的精英,特别刘(孤独)老师初清失业金2小时内成功获利180点,带领客户资金翻了16倍,是一位有实力的分析师,都是带大资金客户(50万以上)。我说我资金少,风险大,他说这两位业界大佬就是咱们的盈利保障,符合咱们的合作共赢。 之后2018年11月10日,业务员变成客服了,要求我把网上贴在删除,说我是诽谤行为,他们不怕走法律程序。只有按照他们的要求操作,他们就把资金退给我。在此我呼吁为了不让更多的人授勋,一定要对这些黑平台进行严惩。



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