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    • Unable to withdraw
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    Scam MarcoFX
    Beware of this person who offers fake platform to cheat u!

    Be careful of this person's account. First set up a relationship with you, then let you buy coins and help you invest, whether you have money or not, will only encourage you to increase your position. In the end, the money can't be mentioned. The fake platform cannot be tracked. The name used is Su Yunze. Most of it appears on IG. Will provide a fake platform Macoofx connection platform for you.

    BadGirl Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw Truefxmarkets
    Unable to withdraw

    After requesting to withdraw a certain amount of money, I was told by my account manager that it would take a week. Towards the end of the week I checked the platform and there were 6 trades open with no stop/loss limit. While I was trying to contact the company support and my account manager with no reply, all of my money suddenly was lost on the platform. I contacted my bank scam team and an investigation is still open. QLD confirmed they are a scam.

    FXXSOoeo9219 Published in Australia
    Others FXTM
    different candlestick

    some candlesticks different from tradingview and other brokers

    FXQNVeua6647 Published in Nepal
    Unable to withdraw MUFG
    Unable to withdraw

    No reply

    FXTTFlwj7953 Published in Malaysia
    Scam Max Global FX
    trade manipulation

    change transaction time 2 minutes after every entry. entry price is the price 5 minutes before. cant join if you are not MLM member of Net89

    FXXJSgch9589 Published in Indonesia
    Scam Global Prime AU
    Scam Broker

    Global Prime notified me less than 48 hours before the ASIC Product Intervention Order took effect (which significantly reduced retail traders leverage), resulting in me losing nearly $15,000 in my account. ASIC announced the change 5 months ago. but I was told about it on Thursday afternoon. They said I could either deposit $100,000 to cover the leverage reduction that would take place in the next couple of days, or my account would easily go into margin call and pretty much all my open trades would be closed.

    FXOTLgrb5774 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw FXTRADING.com
    Scam company

    Used to be named RubixFX, another scam company. They changed name after scamming customers of all money.

    FXOTLgrb5774 Published in Australia
    Others hiifx
    The fraud, Chen Dajie

    Chongqing scammer Chen Dajie used the return as a bait and ensure that we would not lose money to operate the account on his behalf

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Expand Assets Global
    Can't withdraw

    You can't withdraw and all they do is tranfer you to another operator, then they'll tell you to top up 1000 USD TO WITHDRAW!

    FXIOXebi3439 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw IQ OPTION
    would love to be refunded of my loss

    I'm blessings and was scammed R1000 rands and was made to believe I had R13600 profit I never got

    FXSAKvtd7533 Published in South Africa
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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