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    Others Fidelity
    no license

    I mean it's horrible for a person to drive with out all of his credentials so what's the difference

    FXEGTyhh1641 Published in United States
    Others ActivTrades

    Guys, it’s Ting Ting Fan Yong. We have used ActivTrades for a while and got some new clients. Recently the platform insisted my clients broke the trading rules, but my clients said they did not. The platform deducted my clients’ profits and my commission. Worse still, I paid 13000 commission fees for my clients at the very beginning. To see more details please check the following screenshots, and please do not repost them, thanks.

    FXMUGnvd4817 Published in China
    Others HQBroker
    Stay away from HQBroker.

    Many financial regulators of different countries have warned its citizens not to do business with this broker as this broker gives financial services without having the proper authorization.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others OANDA
    severe price slippage

    I will include a photo of my 2 trading orders.. when the price does not hit the stop loss and run another 5000 pips to stop loss. This is due to fault from Oanda. The price has run past the stop loss close to 5000 pips.

    FXMAQoid5148 Published in Germany
    Others 24option
    Avoid 24option.

    many regulatory authorities have avoided regulating 24option for various reasons. This broker is also banned from doing business in France and Italy. It is also been fined by its own regulatory company for unethical practices.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others Finroyalty
    Finroyalty is a scam.

    FCA has issued a warning for traders of UK not to trade with this unregulated and unauthorised broker.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others MOGAFX
    The funds in my account were appropriated without permission

    Instead of protecting my account, the platform appropriated the funds for copy trading without permission. On April 7th, 2021, they ignored my words again and keep doing it, causing a $2,596 loss that day. I complained immediately, but all I got was a bunch of excuses. Up until today I still haven’t received any compensation. In this regard, I demand compensation, apology, and you need to fire that irresponsible guy!

    FXPDNxep6178 Published in China
    Others TJ XINTANG
    Fraud Broker

    Ask u to trade via dating platform. And you have to pay taxes to withdraw your funds.

    FXRQOhof7011 Published in United States
    Others Priasset

    Force u to dpeosit more after wiping out your account.

    FXDYNcxk1264 Published in Vietnam
    Others PBMEDAL
    I am also the victim of unable to withdraw

    I am also the victim of unable to withdraw

    FXMBEngv4818 Published in China
    Others FBS
    Close positions at random

    The prices are not right. When you place orders, you can't operate within 60 seconds for the poor network. The buy orders will be closed not the sell orders when the price goes up, making investors lose a lot. And they took a long time to answer my questions

    FXMWTkgf4876 Published in Vietnam
    Others Exness
    Scam. Slippage.

    The prices there are different from other brokers.

    FXMWTkgf4876 Published in Vietnam
    Others UkTrade
    UK TRADE is a fraud

    The copy trade ruined investor's account, forcing customers to deposit more within 15 days. Or the account will be closed. Unable to withdraw

    FXCOOixn1058 Published in Vietnam
    Others Exness

    Keep loading

    FXKXMqcd4135 Published in Vietnam
    Others Kraken
    Kraken is a scam.

    Do not invest in this company. Previously, many people have sufferred huge losses by investing in this company.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others Exness
    Unable to withdraw and deposit funds

    Server error when I was going to withdraw funds. I asked IB for help but they can't solve my problem

    FXTSQeao7714 Published in Taiwan
    Others DUPFX
    i can't access my Account, and withdraw my money

    i have been scammed, and can't withdraw my money

    FXRRCgli7012 Published in United Arab Emirates
    Others Globex360
    manipulate trades

    friday when market closed I market when done but did not get any profits, Monday when market open then my account is blown

    FXMUWcwe5089 Published in South Africa
    Others KKR
    Do not be cheated by KKR

    Fraud platform. The customer service tells lie after lie. Sometimes say they are regulated by FSC. Sometimes they say they are regulated by CBRC. But the giveaway is showed on the Wiki Global

    FXBBNawn0679 Published in China
    Others 365binary
    365binary is a scam.

    FCA of UK has warned people against investing in this unregulated company, which has already victimised many people with their cunning techniques.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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