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    Unable to withdraw RELY
    RELY is a fraud broker. Victims please contact me. I've called the police

    Ask for more deposits after pointing out the insufficient account balance. Don't allow me to close positions when I profit a lot, untill my positions are wiped out. I called the ucstomer service in time but my phone wasn't answered. I can contact them only by messages. And they didn't give me a reasonable explanation. There was no problem throng the system. If the trading system was blocked, that means your advance ratio is lower than designated ratio. But mine was normal.

    FXADApsk0326 Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    Please be aware of this Scammers in UK and across the world, Don't be fooled

    Please be aware of these scammers and don't be fooled, I have invested more than 57000 dollars in this company, and I made more than 150000, Then they started to make me lose some trades which made my loss equal to 50k, then I decided to withdraw my 100k.I have requested a withdrawal but they kept rejecting my request and kept asking me to deposit another 100k in order to withdraw.I refused to deposit again, and they freeze my account and cleared all the money in my wallet. They have blocked devices IP so I can not reach out to them, I could access their website after hiding my IP address using a VPN but still they kept delaying responding and again asked me to deposit more moneyThe company runs in the UK by four Chinese guys pretending they are businessmen from Hong Kong. The website is fake as they hiding their IP address and using google IP address and some other random fake VPN addresses.They are using social media account to scam people. I have added their pictures too for you guys to be aware.Please be aware of these scammers and dont be fooled,

    FXJFKkrs3792 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw FINSA

    I've done what they said but there is still no result. I applied for withdrawal on March 25.

    FXUHDuhh8032 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw HKJSSHENGFX
    Unable to withdraw. The broker has been off the list.

    My trading account was frozen.

    FXRLHxvx6934 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Huatai
    Unable to withdraw

    Who knows the fake Huatai? My wife deposited over 50,000 yuan but now she is unable to withdraw. The customer service asked margin and taxes. Eeven though you paid, you can not get your money.

    FXYRBbiv9962 Published in China
    Others DMM FX
    Cheat all of my money without answring my messages.

    I've been cheated of over 200,000

    无名 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TGX MARKETS
    broker scam

    My account balance was $568 and I applied for withdrawal of $100 and $68 while they rejected

    RESKYANA Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw TGX MARKETS

    Unable to withdraw!!!

    RESKYANA Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw TGX MARKETS
    Unable to withdraw

    My account has been blocked for two months...

    FXRNLuev6916 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw CF GLOBAL
    Unable to withdraw

    The withdrawal hasn't arrived. And I can't login. And the funds history has been deleted. Please punish the fraud broker

    FXNCLblv5290 Published in China
    Others PTFX

    The web can not be opened. Return my money. I can't wait.

    FXPEJjac6015 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw

    FXVOErxx8665 Published in China
    Scam Fortune-ever
    Scam! Unable to withdraw!

    You can withdrew a smal amount of money in the beginning. But if you wanna withdraw a large amount of money, you should pay the tax fee of 520,000 yen. After that, 300,000 yen margin was required! I may not be able to withdraw the fund after I paying 300,000, so I didn't pay! What should I do?

    FXLRNuyc4410 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    unable to withdraw

    I have bought shares with MWNG since early 2020 without a problem. I now needed to withdraw profits and have discovered what everyone else knows. It took over 3 weeks to get the external account validated by them, then I asked for funds to be transferred, shockingly I received 3 emails notifying me that I’ve asked for a transfer but no transfer took place. I immediately submitted a complaint to financialrecovery .tech and made a phone call to MWNG a few minutes later where they confirmed my request was received and would be processed in one to two days. The request would still have been pending till now, but the complaint I submitted got me a refund. I kept thinking to myself, Why does a request for transfer of funds need to be processed? It should be automatic and should be in the external bank account the same day it is requested. How can a firm justify such outdated practices?

    FXHWPjvo3117 Published in France
    Scam Fortune-ever
    Unable to withdraw

    I can give the first change. When I made a lot of money, I was told to pay a tax of 500,000 yen. Even after the payment, I couldn't withdraw the money. Then I was told that the deposit was 300,000 yen! Even if you paid 300,000 yen, there is no guarantee that the money will be refunded! I haven't paid yet! What should I do now?

    FXLRNuyc4410 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw TKFX

    I known TKFX from net friend he talk to me like good friend until he lets me to join TKFX. He will teach you and you will got profit in the first time can withdraw. Then he asked me to put more fund in a second time is made more profit like 25% then he told me put fund more I will earn more and then can withdrawal. Yes I put more total almost 4000$ it earn 55% then I want to withdraw TKFX said I need to paid Tax20% for withdraw after I paid they still freeze my fund 11300$ can not withdraw.

    FXTVGpwg7814 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Super Forex
    Unable to withdraw

    I'm a normal trader. I applied for withdrawl of all my money on December 23, 2020. But suddenly, my profit was canceleld and I received an email. I've tried to email them many times but they just sent an email with the same content, which makes me disappointed. I hope WikiFX can help me. Tks.

    FXRWWtne6945 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw CF GLOBAL
    Fraud broker deleted the trading history in the background maliciously. Cheat all of my money

    The platform deliberately used the reason that I was unable to log in to my account during holidays and kept asking me to change my login password. In fact, it closed my account login and password modification port, deliberately delaying time. Then the day after tomorrow maliciously delete the transaction data of the trader, delete all the transaction data in the account, remaining hundreds of thousands of total amount, and the application record of the withdrawal (the total amount is hundreds of thousands), and maliciously take away all the funds, customer service Even pretending to be crazy and slander me, saying that all the funds were taken by me, but in fact, the platform took away all of my funds. It's a fraud. They are robbers and I will fight to the end. I hope the victims can unite to eradicate these scourges

    FXAERkuu0069 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GUOTAI
    Unable to withdraw.

    I can't withdraw funds for a year

    FXQKVcgk6532 Published in China
    Scam hiifx
    I should expose the fraud

    I showed the information of the fraud in order that you can avoid being cheated by him.The process of the scam is so dramatic, he used many different identities to induce others to invest and made other people reach the point of no return. The so-called teacher in the stock group focuses on customers who made a loss and recommend shares, futures or other investments to you. That’s a scam. The teacher has many different QQ in the name of analysis teacher, investment consultant of future, businessman or top operator. Let you profit, then let you lose money again and again.Torment you by inch. And you will lose all the money in the end without noticing the scam.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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