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    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire
    Unable to withdraw

    My withdrawal has been pending for over a month. Some companies trick interns to deposit funds.

    FXEQRxpk1910 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Neverminds Asset
    Unable to withdraw in Neverminds Asset

    Unable to withdraw since May. Now their plan is the withdrawal amount should be 36% off and we can’t get the money until next year. Or we can invest mining rigs. What should I do? I also have to pay loans

    FXFJAebw2111 Published in China
    Scam GSI

    Good afternoon. GSI cheated me out of over $4,000. I have evidences and hope you can help me get my money back.

    FXGINpkp2550 Published in Bolivia
    Others Ethusdt
    Fraud company

    A woman called Li Shi is a fraud of Ethusdt. I transferred money to them while I could not withdraw funds. Now my account has been frozen. Beware of this company along with this woman.

    FXNVUgrn5205 Published in Japan
    Resolved yahuitrades
    Money Hack trick profession killer

    Everyone alert this girl She is a professional scammer everyday fee emotional blackmail er you didn't go her beautiful figure and message send whatsapp

    FXONPbxq5940 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw Starfinex
    Withdraw not process

    Starfinex broker not process my withdraw and also my IB client fund withdraw

    FXXJSlbg9497 Published in India
    Others JINRONG
    Do not invest here. This platform always lags

    You can always encounter such situation. This broker may bankrupt soon. Go to find a bigger one.

    FXQXPuxq6616 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Horseforex
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw since June 1 which is disgusting. Now we can’t login

    FXYUPeet9671 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Neverminds Asset
    Unable to withdraw!!!

    Unable to withdraw since May 17. The leader told us to buy a mining rig to mine file coins at a 64% discount. But it can’t solve our problem. What can I do? Help

    sjsiwmxb Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Richness
    Intend to get their way, by hook or by crook.

    She wanted my family to help me raise money. So I said my dad was in hospital because of this issue. But she said I delayed to pay to withdrawal so my dad was angry. Obviously, she stimulated me but I just ignored her. I should not pay the supposed taxes to withdraw funds. I hope these guys can be brought to justice cuz they ruined our asset security.

    FXCOMtwy0867 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Fake FXCM
    Unable to withdraw

    I couldn't withdraw funds, and I went to the customer service for consultation. I was prevarication for various reasons. I need money urgently, so I have no choice but to expose it

    天翼 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IQ OPTION
    I can't withdraw funds

    This broker is a liar. I can't withdraw money because the broker has already taken mine.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw BP Prime
    Unable to withdraw. Need taxes. Suspected scam

    A netizen gave me the following link, informing me that there is a 7-day fixed deposit event, and 3% of the profit will be rebated every day, and then recharge 20% on the basis of the total amount of the principal of the day after the rebate to continue the rebate and the fixed deposit activity After it was over, I was told that I needed to pay 20% of the income and the tax department approved it before withdrawing it, and the platform could help or pay it to the tax department. It was too troublesome for the platform to pay more than 130,000 taxes. In the whole process of participating, I deposited more than 300,000 yuan in funds, and they were all online loans. Because I did not have much funds, this netizen helped me recharge more than 400,000 yuan (including tax payment) in total. I didn’t doubt him when I saw that he helped me recharge more than I did. On the second day after paying the tax, he said that he was a bit busy in the past few days and he might not contact me less, but he couldn't contact me on the third day. And every day I pay attention to the notifications after the platform approves the tax withdrawal so that I can repay the online loan. As a result, it is about to pass one week later, but it still shows that it is pending approval. I asked the customer service again and again and there was no reply. I suddenly realized if I was deceived by the routine? Is this website a formal platform? The investment of more than 300,000 yuan is all the various online loans I borrowed. This amount of money is the hard work of our ordinary people for half a lifetime, and we dare not let our parents know. Guiqiu for advice from experts from all walks of life, how can I recover my assets justly? Thank you so much, good people are safe and happy in their lives!

    FXSESvfj7247 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DingSheng
    Unable to withdraw

    The trading account is cancelled directly, my account is 810035

    FXSKRoju7493 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Guohuijinrong

    Scam customer service scolding people for no reason Let their riders wait for an hour by the ATM, Can't wait for me to remit.

    FXPFOvob6238 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Sunton Capital
    cant withdraw mfunds

    i try to WD myfunds,but the sunton said it cant be WD. i have yo inject fund 50.000 US if me and other member wanna WD. And i've tried to WD, and untill now, it cant be. please help me. Thanks

    FXYVPbtq9825 Published in Indonesia
    Scam Bursa Malaysia Berhad
    A big scam

    Please help me. I hope I can get my money back.

    FXLOGduq4581 Published in Philippines
    Scam Pepperstone
    Delete your orders without your permission

    I placed a buy limit order with a target of 1800 at 1811 in the evening. When I woke up at about 5 o'clock in the morning, I found that there was a buying order in the picture. When the market opened at 6 o'clock in the morning, I found that the buying order disappeared. There is no evidence. broker. Jishi silently deletes orders. If you don't wake up at 5 in the morning, you won't know that a purchase is in progress. Jishi claims that if someone has set a stop loss by eating money, there is a problem with the chart. If you use a broker, let us tell the other party. Be careful. Openly cheating

    FXCWGnfq0819 Published in Thailand
    Scam Cooper Markets
    Malicious slippage. Unable to withdraw

    A Malaysian surnamed Wang is one of the founders of this company and is said to be the global 001 figure of this project. Cheating the hard-earned money of MAM investors, and then using the report to recover the investor’s principal in Malaysia, and for various reasons to delay the best time to recover the funds, to achieve the purpose of dividing the dirty road, and calling for everyone in the financial industry Investors in China must recognize the true colors of these people in order to prevent these people from deceiving the world again.

    FXCCJxlj0977 Published in Malaysia
    Scam TradeTime
    Scam alert.

    A client has claimed he has been harassed by this broker multiple times to invest more and more when he stopped investing after making loss twice. He has also claimed that 3 out of 4 investors lose their money when they invest in TradeTime. This broker is banned from USA.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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