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    Unable to withdraw Richness
    A female scammer Wendy from Hong Kong International Finance Center

    She cheated Taiwanese of more than $183,305 in the name of investment and financial management and used MT5 account to launder money. Be careful not to invest with him. Please avoid being deceived. You can't withdraw money after depositing.

    FXNQKina5598 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw JY
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited 280,000 pesos in this broker. Customer service did not respond, they were scammers.

    FXJOBayn3879 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw KKI
    Unable to withdraw

    It was a scam. I deposited $100. The broker promised a good profits and added me to a Telegram group. One day, the platform was closed and I lost everything.

    FXQHXxsl6749 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw DEERE
    Unable to withdraw

    I invested in this broker very innocently, but there was a lot of scams on their platform. I deposited $500 through Nequi and they enabled it in about 12 hours. I started trading. I gained a lot of money, it seemed to be 4,000 dollars. It looked strange. A few days later I tried to log in but failed. It is said that the user was wrong, but they didn’t stop me from depositing. Help.

    FXCIOyen1155 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw MiTRADE
    Unable to withdraw from March 3

    A friend asked me to invest 12,000 US dollars in mitrade, and the withdrawal was made on the March 3. Now it is July 25 and no account has been received. It says that it is in processing, but is delayed due to epidemic or supervision transfer. What about you? Am I deceived?

    FXWUGlia8837 Published in United States
    Scam Sunton Capital

    I added a man on Weibo, who claims to be from Sichuan doing real estate investment in Hong Kong. He said that his stepdad had a position in the bank and had a lot of inside information, and from time to time he revealed how handsome he is. He said that his ex-wife threw the child downstairs to death during the video with him because of drug abuse. Because there was a shadow in his heart, he refused my video and audio calls, and went into a rage whenever I mentioned the video. At the beginning, he pretended to fall in love with me and then induced me to log in and register on this platform. He even asked me to deposit. After that, I had to log in and make a deposit every day. As long as I didn't follow his request, he would furiously yell at me. His impatient appearance reminded me so that I was not fooled. I hope everyone will pay more attention not to be deceived.

    FFXXX60067 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw GO MARKETS
    Unable to withdraw

    It keeps asking you to pay margin, risk, financial funds. The customer service will hardly respond.

    FXDCCxgb1474 Published in Taiwan
    Scam MiTRADE
    Scam. Unable to withdraw.

    It liquidated my account. I deposited $3,500 and only withdrew $350. Then it asked me for $3,500 and refused withdrawal. I don’t know what to do. That was all my property.

    FXRRPcqg7196 Published in Taiwan
    Scam TeleTrade
    Fraud platform

    It was such a fraud platform. Beware of it because it still cheated people. Please expose it.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    Severe Slippage TeleTrade
    Severe slippage

    Please help expose this fraud platform.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Neverminds Asset
    Unable to withdraw

    Currently, there are following three options: 1, 64% off withdraw 2. 64% off to buy a mining machine 3. You have to choose if you don’t want It promised it never lost money in foreign exchange. If the deposit was safe, why should the discount be applied when the payment channel was closed? The relevant personnel delayed the measures. Some might run away and some might get rid of the responsibility. Beware of it. Call the police for help right now. Maybe some investment could be saved.

    哈利波特大 Published in China
    Scam Binary.com
    Pure scam.

    A client has alleged that binary.com did not allow him to withdraw after he made profit and instead, the broker did trade with the client's money,without his knowledge and all money got lost. The client has claimed this broker make profit from people's loss. He has requested regulating bodies to shut down this company, otherwise they would continue to scam people.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw IG
    withdrawal failure.

    A client tried to withdraw funds after making profit, but IG did not allow withdrawal and instead deleted profit from the client's account. The client thinks IG must have stolen his money.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw GTC

    They convinced you of depositing after few days. Then they said the investment was not enough. When you deposited more, they would block your account before you wanted to withdraw.

    FXJUKxfp3616 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw GO MARKETS
    Unable to withdraw.

    The customer service refused to tell me about the detail of the company. It asked for margin of $2,000 and risk fund of $3,500 before withdrawing. Please help. Was it a scam?

    FXIJEkic3395 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw GO MARKETS
    Unable to withdraw.

    Here is the history of requirement of depositing. I paid the margin of $2,000 and still had $3,500 of risk fund to pay. Please help.

    FXIJEkic3395 Published in Taiwan
    Scam FBS
    Obvious and severe manipulation but don’t compensate

    On 21 June 2021 hours, around 0500-0530hrs, my account was in direct hedge with margin level of more than 90% but was stopped-out due to unusual gap and spread specially in CHFJPY and AUDUSD (refer to photo) Conversed via email with FBS Support but the keep talking with the agreement although it is fault with their end, very obvious manipulation (see photo). Requested for Market Depth but was denied. They are an obvious B-Book broker but don’t dare to admit it.

    FXLKJxcx4754 Published in Malaysia
    Scam FBS
    Tick Chart Scam - broker don’t want to compensate

    Date : 21/06/2021 Time : 5.00AM - 5.30AM (GMT+8) Account Status : in Direct Hedging of the 5 pairs (photo) below Available Margin : 90%+ During open market, there was this unusual gap in CHFJPY and ~20 pips spread on AUDUSD, also big spread on other pairs (attached photo) unlike other brokers which is over-manipulation Contacted Support due to manipulation but keep replying with agreement Asked for Market Depth but couldn’t provide. A B-Book broker but pretending to be A-Book with no proof

    FXPPRlvm6186 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw CXM TRADING
    Li Haobo was a scammer

    He acted as innocent. Actually he cheated me of scam and I was unable to withdraw $21,000. please help.

    FXQCTdbv6441 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ADSS
    Unable to withdraw. Fraud platform

    My withdrawal took two months from May 24. I was told the swift code was wrong in early June and corrected it. Then it asked me to fill in FACTA and CRS on June 16. On July 21, customer service of the platform told me in email that the withdrawal was done on June 8. 1)It was not invoice. 2)I did not fill in my bank name and bank number. I kept sending emails asking the customer service how to transfer funds to my account. I also checked my bank account, and no funds were transferred to it. After that, I tried to call the customer service, the phone only connected to the mailbox. Now their customer service doesn’t reply at all.

    FXVKVpht8425 Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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