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    Ava Trade欺詐


    Ava Trade is a scam
    I can advise people to stay away from AVA, this is because they have own dealingdesk, and this dealingdesk main purpose is to wipe your account out. Futhermore, when you want to deposit it is sometimes easy. But when your account is almost blown up, they delay your deposit just long enough so they can drain your account by spiking prices. Also the helpdesk is a real joke. There is practicly no useable support. And if you want to withdraw, prepare yourself, this will costs you alot of money. And can take very long, sometime you never get your money, and then they make up some rule why they dont want to pay. People who write positive reviews about AVA, are just braindead of have their own share in AVA. I can advise after lossing several thousands of euro’s. I tried to get some support from AVA several times, but their english could be more clear and understandable. I have just 1 advise, stay clear of this SCAM broker, because that’s what they are. Save your money on the bank.