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    FXEJWqee1981 Trader
    Released in China

    Losses caused by scam GALLUS TRADE

    Exposure platform: GALLUS TRADE Teacher: Chen Guohua, Zhao Fulin, Xue Qiang and Tang Hongjun Product: London XAU/USD and XAG/USD Method: through group, live-broadcasting room and one-to-one instruction In this October, I was pulled into a stock exchange group, in which teachers recommended some stocks and sent profit screenshots. Having observed for some while, I was tempted and joined. I deposited 100000 RMB and profited nearly 20000 RMB with teacher’s guidance. I saluted and became more familiar with the teacher. After several days, the teacher asked me to add fund, saying that there would be a “ Bull Market ” of Long XAU/USD and XAG/USD.I deposited my all savings, 500000 RMB or so. After doing so, the teacher gave me one-to-one instruction, but my fund was gone within 1 week! I don’t know what to do since all my fund was gone.

    The following is the original
    黑平台GAllUSTRADE加卢斯贸易 投资伦敦金亏损
      曝光平台:加卢斯贸易GAllUSTRADE  带单老师:程国华、赵福林、薛强、唐红军  直播间:国华会  操作品种:伦敦金、伦敦银  带单方式:群喊单、直播间、老师一对一    今年10月份我被拉到一个股票交流群,由于常年爱好自己也会偶尔买点股票。刚开始不是很懂,于是就观察了几天。群里面有程国华、赵福林、薛强、唐红军老师轮流在给大家推荐股票。但是在群里观察的这几天发现群里每天都在发赚钱的截图,这不得不让我多关注了,经过观察,我发现大家都是在跟着这个程国华老师在操作,基本胜率是非常高的,赚的也很多。  这不禁让在股市受挫的我心动了!就这样又过了一周左右,群里依旧每天都在发赚钱的截图,这时候实在是忍不住了,于是也加入了!开始不敢多投,就入金了10万元,准备慢慢做,细水长流,没想到在老师的指导下,一周时间就赚了快两万,这下自己来劲了,觉得遇到了贵人,对老师也就更加佩服,而且在这过程中跟程国华老师的关系也熟络了起来!  就这样平静的操作了几天,程国华老师有天突然跟我说马上这个伦敦金、伦敦银市场将会迎来一次春天,这一次抓住了,一周收益可能翻两倍,这让我直接肾上腺素飙升,问老师自己该怎么做,老师随即让我准备资金,越多越好,而且还承诺一对一指导。  我听闻后马上着手准备了接近50多万资金,是自己多年的积蓄,可是谁能想到,在加入资金以后,老师让我退出了群,一对一指导,不到一周自己50多万亏的一干二净!亏损后的我欲哭无泪,想着家中的积蓄亏损殆尽,而且家人还不知道,真的不知如何是好。



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