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    Unable to withdraw Honch International
    The manager lied that fifty thousand dollars must be deposited to make a withdrawal.

    The manager lied that fifty thousand dollars must be deposited to make a withdrawal.

    FXAQTgif0146 Published in South Korea
    Scam BBVA
    Fraud platform

    Cheat customers of money. Now they are out of contact for that the platform was closed. Beware of this platform.

    FXSHApab7202 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Relyen
    Relyen is a fraud platform

    Relyen grips the need of the citizens' psychology and beguiled investors with high incomes and promising profit!

    FXPGBauh6148 Published in China
    Scam FXPRO
    Polish your eyes. Don't be cheated

    This two platforms scam investors. You can profit in teh platform but they will tell you that your bank card info is wrong or illegal operation and freeze your account.

    FXONYefo5903 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FreshForex
    Can't withdraw. You should stay alert

    Can't withdraw funds cause my account is wrong. But I used this account, how can it be wrong?

    FXTNUfkl7807 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved APOF
    Fraud platform. They are from an office in HeFei. Embezzling customers' losses.

    They will embezzle your money no matter you are a customer otr an agent.

    FXHOIcgv3171 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw RuiDa
    Unable to withdraw

    Ask me to keep depositing to upgrade the account. Pictures tell the truth. They are such a fraud platform

    FXTBNdoj7974 Published in China
    Scam TempleFX
    TempleFX induced people to invest and lose all the money

    The staff of TempleFX masqueraded as a blind date and cheated people to deposit here. The victim will be vlacklisted after losing all the momney! Please stay away from TempleFX, or you'll be cheated of all the money by the staff

    FXAXBfha0133 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Yuheng Capital
    Unable to withdraw

    Ask you to add funds everyday. It's said that you can deposit after depositing! But they said I deposited wrong! Fraud company

    FXURMkfg8051 Published in Cambodia
    Unable to withdraw 必拓环球
    Withdrawals are unavailable in 必拓环球

    What should I do? I knew about the platform via the net and there was an activity about bonus so I invested in this platform. Now I've traded 85 lots but can't withdraw.

    FXODCmru5779 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Saxo
    This may be a clone of Saxo. Unable to withdraw

    Acoording to the customer service, I paid the personal income tax. Befor I paid the fee, I confirmed repeatedly. The customer service said the withdrawals will arrive within 24 hours. But when reaching the stipulated time limit, they said the witdhrawal would be delayed because of weekends. When I consulted them again, they said the time should accord with the bank's time

    FXHSTqwo2885 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw YJFX
    Freeze my account to make me can't log in

    Can't contact anyone. This is an illegal platform. Who can help me?

    FXVAQwrh8785 Published in China
    Resolved GMI
    GMI, fraud platform

    In mid-September, I met a woman and her uncle Xu XX (because the authenticity has not been confirmed, so the name is retained) who introduced her in the dating site. Advocate investment and financial management, invest capital together, operate MT5, the main operating financial product is ACEUSD. Following her uncle to operate, the profit is considerable. Until my withdrawal amounted to 3,000 U.S. dollars, I was told to pay taxes. After cooperation, I was notified that there was a problem with the flow of funds. The woman said that one of her funds was funded by friends, it was black money, and she was calling the police for handling. And I asked the customer service to ask about the official documents of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and it seems womething is wrong. I wrote to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Monetary Authority said there was nothing like this. Obviously encountered a fraud. I asked her to give me the number of the report to prove that she was not a scammer, but we still refused to give it and gradually did not respond. I am going to report to the police.

    FXBWLnnl0702 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw TF GLOBAL

    Can't deposit or withdraw funds, The teacher is out of contact. I deposited $43,000

    FXOUPtvb5831 Published in China
    Severe Slippage EternalWealth
    Unable to withdraw

    I had had over $9,500. Then I bought XAU/USD at 1865 but it boomed to 1872, making me lose $2,000 suddenly. And I can't withdraw. Scam!

    FXMQAibr5046 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Ontega
    I was scammed by Ontega

    I don't know how to get my money back. And I hope the frauds can be stopped from camming. At first, everything seems alright. Then you wanna witdhraw funds, but they didn't allow you to witdhraw funds. Do not be cheated

    FXRVLust7114 Published in Peru
    Unable to withdraw EDDID
    Can't withdraw without paying margin. Margin doubled

    I deposited 300,000, so I hava a bonus of over 60,000. Then I profited 40,000. So I have over 400,000 in total. I can witdhrawl smal amount of money at first two time. But I can't this time with varied reasons. I was scammed.

    FXTPCpiq7806 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TMG

    At first, I deposited with small amount of money every time. The first two times I can withdraw. Then I have to be the member of the TMG. They said my card number was wrong and I have to pay margin. Ask you to give more and more money. But can't withdraw

    FXIJCprp3309 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Yuheng Capital
    Unable to withdraw

    The customer service said I have to deposit 5,000 USDT to open a channel of CNY to withdraw funds. I deposited 5043USDT but the customer service said the deposit should be 5,000 USDT. I feel like that it's a fraud platform with no regulator!

    FXIWLasm3499 Published in Cambodia
    Unable to withdraw WFT GROUP
    Scam company

    They deceive you by trading for you and making profits then you can’t withdraw and they sell fake btc contracts and when it’s time to withdraw your profits they ask you to pay more and more and come up with every excuse in the book as to why you can’t withdraw.

    FXCMUhuv1014 Published in Nigeria
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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