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    Released in China

    Capital and profits withdrawal is unavailable in ADSS, with the account and and backstage frozen

    With the help of agents, I invested in a platform named ADSS. Because FX110 and other websites show the high credibility of ADSS, I deposited my money to trade by batch in June. But, I was prevented from doing so soon. When applying for withdrawal, I was turned down with the reason that my account was under a trading investigation. How could that happen? Why? After several short and unsmooth talks with the customer service personnel, I didn't yet get reasonable explanations . | 6 13th, I opened an account on this platform. | 6 14th, I deposited over 500,000 through Unionpay and Bipipay by batch, and the receiver was two ADSS-assigned individual accounts in ICBC. | 6 18th-21st, I made small deals. | 6 26th, I was making deals by batch, but the account was suspended one more hours later. When it happened, there was a paper profit of 30% in my account. (Since ADSS offers leveraged deals, the profit was calculated after deleveraging, equivalent to 2.5%. Customers' accounts are restricted from making deals, and their applications for withdrawal was refused next day. | 7 8th, tradings were restricted, the capital frozen and the customer back stage couldn't be logged in. So far, there were no explanations, for example, why was my account suspended? How long did it took to investigate the whole thing? When can I withdraw my money? Why can the platform restrict customers' trading because of "abnormality".

    The following is the original
    本人经代理商推荐,选择了一家名为ADSS(达汇)平台进行投资,由于有外汇110等网站营造达汇的可信度,放心在6月分批入金交易,但没多久就被限制了交易,递交提现申请后,居然被拒了!理由是“由于账户正在进行交易调查暂时无法申请取款”好端端的交易账号,为什么会被调查?小Y联系客服,通过几次掉线而缓慢的沟通,依然没有得到合理的解释。 l 6.13,注册平台用户。 l 6.14,通过银联和BIPIPAY分批入金,共计入了50多万,收款方是ADSS网站指定的两个农业银行个人账户。 l 6.18-21,进行小批量买卖交易,6.26日进行批量交易,在26日交易了一个多小时后,账户就被禁止交易了,账户被禁止时,账面盈利30%多(由于ADSS提供的杠杆交易,这个盈利在去杠杆后折算,盈利等同于2.5%)。但用户的ADSS账户还是被禁止交易了,次日客户申请出金,但出金被拒。 l 7.8,限制交易,资金被冻结,客户后台无法登陆。 截至目前,仍未有明确答复,比如因为什么异常被冻结,需要调查多久,何时才能正常出金,为什么平台可以随意安一个“异常”的罪名就无端限制了客户的正常交易。
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