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    Unable to withdraw MKJ GLOBAL
    Tried withdrawing but was asked to deposit 20%

    Very similar experience to FXWNBwjy8858 TraderMay 5, 2021 3:36 PM Released in Mexico. I chatted with this guy on Tinder a dating app and he then sold the idea to me and he also recharged my MT4 account twice with his ownfunds and I am surprised that this was allowed without the main account owner’s consent. Now I am left to question this situation I am because this guy refuses to speak over the phone claiming that he’s English is no good and I also asked to video call and he said he just got out of the shower and looked bad. I have been trying to get hold of the terms and conditions from this company but their customer service response was that there is no company terms and conditions. I mean how can one just recharge another stranger’s account and what more $8k USD. I will be investigating this further and will take this to the police for their records and for next steps to expose this scam and to get my money back. Any advice from similar victims would be much appreciated.

    FXSJRwas7293 Published in Australia
    Resolved CBMH
    I have been unable to withdraw for 13 days

    You can deposit funds but you can't withdraw funds

    FXGBQvlm2723 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw ShineTrader
    Unable to withdraw

    I was told that my password was changed even though I did not change it by mistake in order to protect my account

    FXFDQuyy2213 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw Center focus
    Unable to withdraw. This broker is a fraud

    Cheat u into depositing funds

    FXGFKmar2414 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw HNTFX
    unable to withdraw all amount

    were unable to withdrawal amount from this broker website is not working good not opening all the options and in mt5 also not logging in in account.

    FXGAUvmr2799 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw iForex
    I have been cheated by the company, iForex

    The consultant, Antonio V, called me for several months and convinced me to deposit $1,000. And he promised that I could yield 15%-20% monthly without a loss. But when I wanna withdraw funds, they refused.

    FXYHPnwl9703 Published in Paraguay
    Unable to withdraw Binomo
    I can't withdraw funds

    I can't invest again cuz I have no money now. I hope you can help me recover my money.

    FXLOGduq4581 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw HUARONG FUTURES
    Fraud Company

    One of my WeChat friend asked me to add a group chat in which there was a teacher helping us. When I was going to deposit funds, I just deposited 100 to see if I could withdraw funds smoothly. And it turned out that I could deposit but couldn't withdraw funds here.

    FXOKKgwe5936 Published in China
    Resolved East
    Websites have been closed

    Can’t access MT5 today! As a result, the company’s website cannot be opened at all. Google EST found that the new website has changed the name to https://ecg-limited.com/Cn! With more than 40,000 US dollars of funds in me, I can't withdraw money at all! I hope everyone will pay attention because there is no way to ask for help. Who can tell me how to sue

    咩咩 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved LCG Market
    Eevnt stories to make u deposit funds for their task

    I was told that I deposited money in a wrong account and paid the activation fee of 2,000 US dollars to receive the payment, I also said that the risk fee was 2,000 US dollars... Each time the withdrawal is rejected, the time is different, and the immediate rejection is basically because they are controlling the last time. It hasn't been 2-3 days to dismiss the actual leader only 2 times. The reason for the account is that there is a girl line Jiajia who made up a lie to help him offset the performance. Ask me to deposit 150,000 into the account. He can draw 10% and will be left for 10 days. At this time, I have fallen into the trap because I didn't want to operate at all. Later, he had to withdraw the principal. He forced you to try it. At that time, you had already applied for 1,000 withdrawals, but you were rejected. The account application was also secretly added to 0. You were asked to pay the activation fee and you started to fall into a bottomless pit. Now the card is 11,255 dollars in it. Can't get it out

    FXJAPccg3906 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw BCP
    Unable to withdraw

    I want to invest in a broker because I have a lot of needs. I found this broker and deposited three sums of US$250 for a total of US$750, but after a few days of trying to enter the platform, his domain name disappeared , my domain name also disappeared. They are some thieves.

    FXHDUtjp3106 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw GT Markets

    I sent them two deposits, one was 200 USD to start trading, and the other was 400 USD. When I wanted to withdraw money, my money did not reach my account at the end, they were bad guys and scammers.

    FXDFBetd1275 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw SUPER FXTRADES
    Promise high profits. This is a scam

    Hello, I want to invest. I found this broker. They sent me those documents to read their so-called company polic.This was 125,000 colones. On the third day, they called me. Following me, I had to register for the policy to start operations. I sent them more than 100,000 colons, but they never activated my account.

    FXBQSfhn0422 Published in Venezuela
    Scam Millinium
    I've called the police.

    Do not deposit funds. This is a scam. Margin has been asked when you are going to withdraw funds

    FXIOCugh3542 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Ontega

    I came to complain about them, they are scammers, I have some savings and deposited 400 US dollars, after a few days I observed that everything was manipulated, the operation was closed early, but even though everything reached 550 US dollars, one day when I entered When I was on my dashboard, my money was gone, and the customer service was noticeable by the absence.

    FXIRWhyi3277 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw TigerWit
    Fraud broker doesn't allow withdrawals

    As long as I click the withdraw button, the interface will lag, no matter how many attempts are made.

    FXFHRefs2134 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ZB

    The scammer’s platform doesn't allow withdrawals and absconded, and the 80,000 that he entered a few years ago can’t get out of the gold, and I can’t contact customer service.

    FXGOQrws2563 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw KDFX
    I've waited for two years

    This broker won't let me withdraw money.

    FXWJEids9164 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw bofu210
    Can't withdraw profits

    Under normal trading, the profit is directly deducted from the withdrawal. Notified abnormal transactions.

    FXGMRajc2635 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    Unable to withdraw

    All kinds of scams make you deposit funds. When withdrawing funds, just don't make withdrawals! And the account manager still has the right to decide, whether he can tell it all depends on his face! Don't be fooled

    FXGABxsv2617 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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