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    Brand deception of TMGM. My order was traded at 1 pip over the price, losing a lot. But they denied.

    I am a trader who has been trading for 5 years. I started trading on TMGM from March 2020. At that time, the platform was also called TradeMax, and later renamed TMGM. There are common things in the middle trading chuck, including unsmooth transactions and slow login to the account. These, common things, the platform side answers regional network differences. Sometimes the deposit is very slow, and I need to find my broker to rush the account to succeed. The slowest one lasts for more than an hour, and several times almost close the position. This is not the main point. This time I want to say that the Fed’s interest rate decision at 2 a.m. on June 17, 2020 triggered market volatility. At that time, I had 1863 and 1863.5 pending orders in my TMGM account, but in the Fed’s interest rate. After the resolution was issued, the quotation at that time was only at 1862.77, and the highest point of the candlestick chart was only at 1862.87. That was how my pending order was forced to be traded. The transaction prices were at 1863.3 and 1863.72 respectively. At that time, I was resting at 2am. After being bitten by a mosquito, I glanced at my mobile phone and saw that the profit and loss were unreasonable. I saw that the two orders were traded. After finding out, I closed the position and asked my broker. After two days of mediation, the broker told me the platform explained. It is said that the price of the bar is not the actual price, and I cannot accept it. There is no way to do it on such a platform. Please take a look at the above picture below. I can’t explain what I published. I just want to say that what you do in TMGM and those who want to do TMGM need to be seriously considered. It is entirely based on the platform to say, what they say is what they say, and a picture tells you to make a deal. You have to accept where it is. The other thing to talk about is the quotation on TMGM. The short quotation is always more than 0.1 pips apart. After comparing with other platforms, I did not find such a problem. Did I worry too much? Or is there a problem with the platform itself? In short, I don't recommend everyone to do this platform again. I need to change the platform after my order is closed.

    [Object] TMGM
    [Amount] €2,378(EUR)
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