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    Rong Trader
    Released in Canada

    HYCM restricted accounts suddenly, making me lose over $120,000

    On the morning of 12.8, 2020, I suddenly discovered that I can only close the position, cannot deposit money, withdraw money, or buy. I didn't know that the account was restricted at first, and settled a little bit. Later, I saw that margin was a bit dangerous and planned to balance it. But I found that I couldn't deposit or buy. Then the position was liquidated. I have discussed with HYCM before 12.22. Hycm said on the 22nd that I would close my account. Now the account cannot be logged in.

    Don't trust any so-called formal licensed platform companies, they have countless tricks to make you lose money!

    The following is the original
    2020年12.8上午突然发现只能平仓,不能存钱不能取钱也不能买入。我一开始不知道账号受限,结算了一些,后来看到margin有点危险,打算平衡一下,结果发现不能存入也不能买入。然后就爆仓了。12.22前和HYCM理论过,22号当天hycm就说要关闭我账户。现在账户已经登不进去了。 千万不要相信任何所谓的正规持牌平台公司,他们有数不清的把戏让你把钱亏里面!



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