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    Jenny Lim__Chafeel Trader
    Released in Malaysia

    Apply for withdrawals on January 19 but someone used my account and placed an order on January 20, maing my positions wiped out. I continued contacting the customer service but no one replied

    I withdrew money on 19/1/2021
    But on 20/1/2021, someone used my account to place an order, which caused the money in my account to burst. I kept contacting customer service and there was no reply. Please give me an explanation

    The following is the original
    1月19日申请出金在1月20日有人潜入户口下单,导致爆仓不断联系客服 没人回复
    我在19/1/2021出金 但是在20/1/2021 有人潜入我户口下单,导致我户口的钱爆仓,我不断联系客服 一直没有回复,请给我一个说明
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