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    FX3231552729 Trader
    Released in United States

    Can't withdraw

    They initially ask for a standard deposit, then straight away ask for you to be placed on their trial account with leverage 1:20. Obviously, they ask that you deposit more money in order to trade or it will be impossible to grow your portfolio. They are pushy, aggressive but yet very professional at how they team together to get more money out of you. Then when you loose some money to bad trades as a result of their terrible guidance, guess what? THEY WANT MORE MONEY otherwise they can't grow your portfolio. We asked to withdraw but they said we weren't eligible. What a joke, we just got burnt and so will you if you choose to invest with Alpari; in which case, financialrecovery.tech has been able to retrieve only 70% of our funds. My big tip: learn how to trade yourself, and do so on a regulated platform.

    Unable to withdraw



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