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    啵啵 Trader
    Released in United States

    Financial scam

    Financial Fraud-pig-butchering scam, Sunac TEda, everyone, be careful. Sunac TEda is a scam with tens of thousands of dollars in it that cannot be withdrawn (before a person named Guan Peng brought me in. The name may be fake). After the small amount of money allows you to withdraw 1-2 times, you will be promoted with various quotas (the payment in the promotion must be completed at the same time as the guarantor to advance this trick). The way of paying taxes and deposits will cheat you to recharge. Keep your eyes open to see Sunac TEDA clearly. The amount of fraud is huge, hope the relevant departments will pay attention (to find 2 victims with 300,000 US dollars and 500,000 US dollars)

    The following is the original
    金融诈骗—杀猪盘融创泰达 大家小心了融创泰达就是一个杀猪盘里面有60几万美金无法提现(之前有个叫关鹏的把我带进去的可能名字也是假的)开始会以小额资金让你提现1-2次之后会以各种晋级名额(晋级中缴款要与担保人同时完成才能晋级这招很绝).缴税款.质押金的方式骗你充值大家一定要擦亮眼睛看清楚融创泰达。 诈骗金额巨大希望有关部门重视(已发现3个受害者30万美金和50万美金和300万美金)WhatsApp号码是8529****976
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