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    Released in Malaysia

    Taxes must be paid to withdraw

    After the service fee is paid, the account has a withdrawal record, but the bank said that it was rejected, and the tax can only be withdrawn. What is the problem? It is not possible to change and the tax must be paid to withdraw. Shouldn't the tax be directly deducted? Or I paid directly to my bank, but my bank didn't notify me to pay it, and the other party couldn't show the bank request letter that I requested. You can transfer money to other users, but you can't transfer it to your own bank without paying taxes.

    The following is the original
    交付了服务费后,账户是有出金记录,但是说银行驳回,要缴付税金才可以出金,这是什么问题? 现在不能更改必须缴付那个税金才可以提现,税金不是应该直接扣除的吗? 还是我直接缴付我的银行,但是我的银行没通知我缴付,对方也不能出示我要求的银行要求信件。转账去别的用户可以,就是转自己的银行没有缴付税金就不行。
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