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    Recruit a stock trader and tell you to do foreign exchange, you can make money from both up and down, the platform is a fraud platform and is not regulated, don't deposit money, remember, I have lost tens of thousands of dollars

    I went to apply for a job as a stock trader. The teacher gave you a week of training and brainwashing. Every teacher said that he was making money. In the wealth password of making money, Shen Jing never told you about risks. After I deposited money, I found out that I went to another office. I was losing money. Those who didn’t make money thought it might not be so good. It's completely different, the spread fee ➕ handling fee is very high, and then as soon as you enter, almost 20 US dollars per hand is gone, and you don't tell you the size of the position, so you lose money in various ways, and then the teacher let me in, the more The better, they told me to pay 50,000 US dollars. I felt that their teachers showed me that they only invested 23,000 US dollars. My students asked me to do so much. Later, I lost money and said that there is a stage of losing money. I find it strange that their teachers all operate on a formal platform, and let me operate on their small platform. In fact, we use a virtual platform to operate. They are recruiting constantly in the head-pulling mode, and the money for new students is not enough. On the platform, there is a 99% probability that the students will lose money to maintain the operation of the company, which is financing in disguise. Anyway, if you pay the money, you will sign an agreement with you, saying that you will be responsible for your profits and losses, and it has nothing to do with the company. They have designed a set of traps in advance. .

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