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    Severe Slippage IQ Option
    Slippage $250

    Close order at 17:00 on 26 June for 0.899, however candle stick never got near that region (0.895). Would not provide data on forex quotes.

    FX2600965597 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Opsontechfx
    Investing here not a good idea

    We had a brief squabble because I was trying to get some cash out of my account. After refusing to put in additional money i noticed a change in their response I initiated an investigation under a financial recovery consultant firm fintrack/ org when i realized that every email i sent Opsontech was being ignored and saw my funds returned to me even though it was reluctantly. I strongly advise against anyone considering affiliating themselves with Opsontech.

    FX3677991397 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw CH Markets
    Horrible experience

    I was introduced to this trading platform by a friend who had only been using it for a week. They entice you with the promise of life-changing money and early retirement, so I gave them nearly 250000 in the hopes of becoming wealthy. Things changed when it came to asking for money to pay bills and get my truck's MOT done, they insisted without an option that i keep my money in since another opportunity to gain more money would present itself but I followed the money and had cases lodged with various fraud regulatory bodies inclusive of fintrack/ org for this reason, the investment was released. My only saving grace was that I didn't give in to the pressure to deposit more money to them.

    FX1914915908 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Kovie
    Careful with this company

    This website is a fraudulent one willing to steal your money. I invested usd 83,000 with Kovie global over the course of 3 months and made profits but went all out to take them down when they blocked me out of my account In which case fintrack/ org only made a retrieval of 70% of our funds The big takeout here is to learn how to trade yourself and practice enough on demo platforms to avoid losing actual money

    FX4014759757 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw

    unable to withdraw my 1936 dollar from ipc cloud

    FX2392674048 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw ETH Profits
    Withdrawal denied with fake profits

    I wish I had read the news of their fake MT5 or conducted more research on ETH Profits. Just trying to protect the future has caused so many regrets. Be forewarned, please. In the end, all I needed to do to recover my stolen funds was to formally report them to Assetsclaimback Advisory. They were helpful, according to a quick web search. I would have permanently lost $78,000. Keep an eye out for scams as this company is unregulated and cannot be held accountable.

    FX2576528692 Published in United Kingdom
    Scam NAGA
    Open an order without a source

    On 27 Jun 2022 I traded the ethusd pair, but at 16.40 System was opened repeatly 5 orders buy NAS100 without my order and auto trade . Made me lose almost remaining money.

    FX2204338593 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Axiory

    I am unable to withdraw, please allow me.

    FX1881169309 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw Kovie
    Kovie deny me access to my account

    Keep away, It is a con. I had no issues depositing money with Kovie, but when I requested a withdrawal, they arbitrarily banned my account. They were still holding onto my money despite the fact that I had given them all the information they needed to activate my account. Even though I now have my money back, I was only able to do so after hiring Assetsclaimback Legal Expert, Kovie. It is fraudulent to suddenly decide to block my account without giving any justification.

    FX2025974300 Published in United States
    Scam GIFXprime
    Gifx prime fraud..operating business in duba

    Dont dare to spend even 1$ in this company.. they are just taking money from traders and investors and looting investors hard earned money.. finding uneducated rich people and showing them big profit in B booking.. and taking huge investment..never get trap..their job is to open offices everywhere.. business bay in dubai..they looted us in Bangalore.. more thn 1500 investors have been trapped..dont believe their single word..you keep your money and spend rest of your life..but never invest in th

    FX2241918155 Published in India
    Others ANCHGO
    account deactivated from anchgo

    i deposit money and trade from anchgo . i earn some money. at now suddenly they deactivated my account and said pay 2% fee and your account is activated and i pay fee. but now ask pay extra fee. if you not pay fee your account is bloce permanently. dont believe anchgo.

    FX3638223293 Published in Nepal
    Unable to withdraw Aly Financial

    I have been participating in CFD trading for over 2 months on this platform i made 126,683$ with my 49k investment capital. One time early when I first started I withdrew $1000 usdt to my Coinbase wallet without any problems. The site told me operation was successful.Then approximately 3 days later they inform me that due to the rules of their platform and the IRS I'd have to pay 20% on my earnings before I could withdraw my money.

    FX4240543147 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw Aly Financial
    Transparancy is not the case with this firm

    I made a huge amount of profit here but when i wanted to end the work with them and get back my money they told me i have to pay a 26% fee for not completing their financial plan but the class action fintrack. org aided gave in to the return of funds. Please don't be one of those people who have not only wasted their time trading on Aly Financial but also deposited only to realise later that they could not make any withdrawals.

    FX1914915908 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Tickmill
    morally despicable thieves

    Don't sign up with this investment company, they will make you put money into your account without a chance to withdraw. I did everything they asked but they kept changing how much they wanted me to pay upfront for the loan The report made out to the fintrack/org authority set in motion the chain of actions that saw my investment returned. Tickmill is a scam because even after paying for the loan and tax, they tried to hold onto my investment.

    FX3677991397 Published in Canada
    Others HotForex
    about exposing hf market business to Iran

    HF markets Date of sending the complaint to hf markets: March 12th, 2021 Date Today : Jun 24th,2022 Dear hf markets: I'm sending you this email to complain about exposing your business to Iran and against Iran imposed sanctions, that resulted your weird behaviors. The misconducting that caused me and my client' heavy losses. The parts that you are held liable for my losses are : 1 - By suddenly increasing the commissions and spreads , you made my account solely for the purpose of maximizing your commissions, which is a serious fraud. 2- You failed several times to provide me with the real-time securities prices, and to the worse, you sold some of my holdings/positions based on your unreal estimated prices which then found out to be far from the real prices. As those stocks were never reached at the prices that you made the transactions upon. You are definitely liable for the losses that resulted. 3 - By not allowing to hedge my positions, you took away all the tools that you had to make available to me to stop the losses. If you were complying with the regulations on sanctions against Iran, you didn't have to cut us off in the middle of our active transactions, and to make us huge losses. Sanctions and restrictions are imposed by authorities in the US, EU and elsewhere. The penalties for breaching sanctions are severe. All companies which trade with Iran or which make or receive payments to or from natural persons in Iran are subject to those penalties. I'm entitled to receive all the money that That you have harmed me and my client by not following the rules The exact amount that I expect to get back is ..... After a very long time, no action was taken against my protest Hereby I notify you, if you do not resolve this I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies , as well as with FINRA , with authorities in the US, EU , with your base country and consider my legal alternatives My hf :977447

    FX1582243687 Published in Iran
    Unable to withdraw Starek
    Never invest a penny here

    This company is the real deal only if you like getting ripped off. It took 5 weeks for Starekco and the relentless effort of fintrack/ org to process a withdrawal that took days. We live in very tough times where companies like Starekco steals your money (in my case, $47,000 on principal alone) and then harass you for more.

    FX1220961271 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw FXKOVNER
    Victim of Fxkovner

    There has been no response from the support since I've been locked out of my account, filing a complaint through fintrack/org relief program explained what to do and how to go about getting my investment returned. The only time i got a response from Fxkovner's support was for some upfront fee to withdraw over $68,000 of my money which is unfair if you ask me.

    FX1361552718 Published in United States
    Scam Raffles Market
    Stay away if you don't want to be scammed

    We have not been able to reach anyone for 20 days, do not deposit money,

    FX6471351842 Published in Turkey
    Unable to withdraw Tickmill
    Tickmill is a Fraud

    After 2 weeks of investing they told me I had to put more capital to operate more safely, I found it very strange, but since the performance was very good (over 20%) I decided to invest $10,000 more but couldn't withdraw

    FX4014759757 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw FXKOVNER
    This company is as bad as investment companies can get

    I only wanted to make extra money by investing but i almost lost all my savings to them saying i must pay tax of 16% on my investment before I can get any money out

    FX1914915908 Published in Canada
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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