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    Others MFG
    False platform black platform

    The black platform paid me back. Yesterday I entered 100,000 US dollars according to the platform's address, and deleted me when I received the account. Now I have called the police and waited for the police to deal with it.

    诚信合作 Published in China
    Scam GYD
    Cant get anywhere with this company

    Just when ur in a position to withdraw funds dont make the mistake of letting them know it! Ur very next trade will not only wipe out ur entire acct! It will also leave you severely in debt to the company besides!!! Beware!!!! SCAM ALERT

    FXQMEdjm2950 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw S.A.M. Trade
    Unable to withdraw

    can't withdraw funds since 2 weeks ago, please help

    Al12 Published in Indonesia
    Scam WWF
    WWF fraud

    I cannot access the app anymore. My current balance was 92091 USDT. They didn’t allow withdrawals. Be careful with scammers.

    FXQESsop3263 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Carrod Securities
    I can't withdraw anymore

    hello I start sign up on 01/16/2022 start chat with Carrod 0n -- the broker gave me the crypto wallet address to make deposit. I deposited with USDC coin $1.074 I installed MT5 account and add the Carrod live account. After see profit I start made big deposit $12.599with USDT coins. On 01/18/2022 I tried withdraw $100 from Carrodsecurities and go thru to my wallet. I start suspicion with this broker so I deside to trying again withdraw $1000. But the money never go to my wallet till now.

    FXHAOdlr8249 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Global Trader
    unable to withdraw

    please sir/madam I need withdraw my money nobody contact me

    kumara Published in Japan
    Scam UAG
    Uag scamed us by wiping out our accounts

    Uag broker and a master trader eruka both scamed us by manipulated gold figures.Eruka open trades and he continued trades until our whole account wiped out.Uag broker and that eruka name master trader both scamed us

    FXIUDxtn6178 Published in Pakistan

    All trades were runing auto..i did not activated any trade...this broker himself increase the levarage and excuted trades and wipeout my account..stay away from this scammer

    FXIUDxtn6178 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw Evergreen Forex
    Keep asking for payment

    When I want to withdraw first they ask 10% fee after I paid they ask me to pay 12% tax, I paid. Then they ask another 10% for transfer fee to bank account, I paid. They ask another 15% fee for currency exchanges, after I paid I still can't withdraw my money because they said its suspect for money laundering they ask another 3000 to verify my account. I already paid half of total fund I have on mt account.

    FXGATrbo8259 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw ITE GLOBAL
    Unable to withdraw

    I have been trying to withdraw my funds from my ITE Global account for 2 weeks and cannot do so. The broker informs me about the payment of 20% of the tax which was not mentioned before. He is silent when asked what regulations are in force and where it is written in the regulations.I warn everyone against the broker and his credibilit

    FXONXerj3425 Published in Singapore
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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