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    Fraud and account deletion.

    These gentlemen have eliminated my account and have not paid the amount requested of them. They just got away with the money that was in the box. Just to make sure that the existing account will attach in the password and the access user on the MT5 platform. Also follows a sample of the balance that existed just yesterday in the account. Don't do business with these scammers.

    FX5426187642 Published in Portugal
    Scam Kovie
    I Realized I have been dealing with a scam company

    I just realized that I have been dealing with a scam company after sending payment to them from my cryptocurrency exchange and after, they told me I needed to top up my investment before I could be allowed to withdraw. Reading so many victims complaints here seems so devastating and I am engaging Fintrack/org for solutions to the withdrawal issues as I have seem so many reports of their expertise on issues like this .

    FX1537238665 Published in United States
    Scam Graphene Fx
    broker close my trade and ate my 500$.

    i was in hedge trade of gold they close me buy trade without my knowledge before gold price pumping and i got rekt due to my sell trade ..

    Mubashir Hassan Published in Pakistan
    One more “mistake”?

    Another day plus a mistake. They say they are not responsible for this mistake.

    FX3176062488 Published in Portugal
    Market manipulation, fraud

    These gentlemen manipulate the markets at the same time every day. Twice a day at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm CEST time. Plus 10 minutes minus 10 minutes. Affected Markets EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP and CHF/JPY of these 5 are always two affected markets. They also have terrible customer support. The image I attached reflects this, on the date of this event there was a request for withdrawal of funds in progress, they did this to not pay and I would pay the damage they caused. Those who are interested and want to test can compare the charts with those of the eToro company, they are identical and reflect well the manipulations that Terrain Capital makes. Cycles last between 10 to 30 minutes. A family member of mine also created an account and requested a withdrawal and they don't pay until I pay the debt. I don't know how they found out about the family relationship if that person was using a VPN, one thing is for sure they can't be trusted. I now owe 6600 to these gentlemen and it was they who caused this. I won't pay this debt because I don't have the means to pay it.

    FX3176062488 Published in Portugal
    Scam ULTRA FX
    u can't take over back ur money or account

    once the power being over u cannot take back any of ur money

    FX3557524587 Published in Malaysia
    Scam FBS
    all order stop at the sametimes,with alotof equity

    1.abnormal swap Comition look at the swap the running sell order is the first i entry, and then i put buy order 3-4 hours later but buy swap is more bigger than sell order.2 they stop out all my order in my account while it's still have enough equity,all order at the same times, so before you plan to trade here think twice

    FX2430249702 Published in Indonesia
    Scam Aly Financial
    Be careful that Acdx and Aly financial have been defrauded by international fraud groups to deposit money but do not allow money to be withdrawn.

    Be careful of these two transaction pages: (acdx.centrocenter.xyz) and (alyfx.com) People who met from dating software, within two months, slowly dig out personal investment, money and financial information from their conversations with each other, Then abducted into Acdx and Aly financial limited to do foreign exchange transactions. The lies prepared by the other party and every conversation will make you feel like a normal conversation, but once you encounter a transaction problem or an overweight problem, the other party will actively ask you what to do. Stop being deceived by fake friendships or fake love. Because the fraud group really acted very real...you can get the rank of Oscar winner and actress. When you are sick, it will give you cold and warmth, and you will not feel well when you eat, so you will find information on the Internet specially, and then warn you about how it is not good for your health. Because I believe in netizens, I have gradually increased from 100,000 to 500,000, and then I have been deceived by abnormal deposits and other expenses. I have been deceived up to 1 million. During these processes, every time I thought I could withdraw money, but every time I just asked you to pay for another item... As a result, this scam, while the netizen comforted me and brainwashed me, was in front of the computer in front of the cold-blooded customer service. Finally, they are an international fraud group. Don't trust photos or videos. Videos can use high technology to deceive your eyes, so the personal photos you get are fake. People in Asia, such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, please don't invest any more money in these two places. They will continue to create new web pages in the future, but please trust the online rating, supervision, and your own intuition.

    FX1105386772 Published in Taiwan
    Scam FX Global
    Profits are not withdrawn, and principal is not withdrawn after losses

    Open an account and trade under the recommendation of the agent, the profit will not be withdrawn, and even the principal will not be withdrawn after the loss, and even coax us to continue to deposit and trade, fraud platform! Return money!

    FX1494718066 Published in China
    Scam FXGLOBE
    Fraud platform. Expose it.

    Fraud platform that cannot withdraw. Everyone does not be deceived. Cannot withdraw after making profit and the platform does not address the problem. Liar! Trash platform. Do not be deceived. Stay away from this platform.

    FX5538060562 Published in China
    Scam EmperorFinancial
    I was scammed for 50,000 RMB in investment by employee Huang Zijian

    During the epidemic, I was scammed for 50,000 RMB by employee Huang Zijian, and he did not sign any specific documents with me. Downloaded the virtual fund disk, earned my money into his account, and helped me with the whole process. . . I have reported the case to the Hong Kong police, and the case has been accepted. Next, I hope that the epidemic will pass soon, and I can go to Hong Kong to follow up the case and recover the funds.

    FX3631794391 Published in China
    Scam Greenstan
    Induce fraud. Directly slumps for ten thousands pips, resulting liquidation

    The teacher calls order in his live. Place a long order and it slumps for ten thousands pips, resulting liquidation

    FX1584544362 Published in China
    Scam Cole Mille Global Ltd
    Fraud platform. Do not trust their words. How come a real account becomes a demon account?

    Unable to withdraw, blocked by platform, and cannot find customer service. It is all tricks.

    FX1147423046 Published in China
    Scam XS
    XS is a fraud platform

    Fraud platfrom that use five fake platform to open account. If you argue with them, they will simply say that you are count on them to make money. The liars are too cocky. I have many friends that cannot withdraw after making profir or the withdrawal cannot arrive.

    FX1189562279 Published in China
    Scam AETOS
    Fraud that committed to capital management then played a big role

    liquidate the customer's account when copying trade. Seducing profits from the first 2 days to the 3rd day, hitting a large lot led to liquidate customers' accounts. Unethical

    FX3717662490 Published in Vietnam
    Scam ECN TRADE
    Trash platform

    Deposit hundres of thousands. I cannot withdraw a penny. Nobody answer everytime when I contact the customer service or the website is unable to open. Is there any department that can solve it?

    FX1706425140 Published in China
    Scam morningfx
    Fraud platform that malicious liquidate position and take profit from customers' loss

    Xi'an Yingxing Investment's foreign exchange platform defrauded customers of their money and induced others to place orders for Hou Jie's mT5 account. As a result, within a few days, his true nature was revealed. He deliberately made losses, and made large positions. After losing all the principal, the position was liquidated. , Malicious loss and malicious liquidation, all the lost money was swallowed by Hou Jie, he can install a plug-in to take all the lost money, ask him for money, he will pretend to be pitiful, and not say where the company is.

    柯嘉兴 Published in China
    Scam ECN TRADE

    Scam that cannot withdraw. It said that it will arrive at 23:59 and then ask me to deposit for paying tax. I cannot simply pay it either.

    FX1548789084 Published in China
    Steal my money.

    The new IPCLOUD APP is aimed at continuing to deposit money, without any assurance that the existing one will be returned. It encourages unsuspecting investors to continue to be invited, without even having solved all the problems of this broker. I still can't withdraw my money. IPC SCAMMERS.

    FX3189977366 Published in Ecuador
    Scam Ant Forex
    They disappeared the application and they did not let me remove it

    the Ant application is a scam, supposedly this application worked with a bot that would operate in the cryptocurrency market, but it stopped operating at the beginning of May 2022, the administrators of this application blocked all communication channels, the platform stopped to work and it was no longer possible to enter the application, my investment was for $2845 units. The image shows only an amount of my investment. The page is: www.antmanor.org www.antmanor.net

    FX1386604268 Published in Mexico
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