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    Scam GYD
    Cant get anywhere with this company

    Just when ur in a position to withdraw funds dont make the mistake of letting them know it! Ur very next trade will not only wipe out ur entire acct! It will also leave you severely in debt to the company besides!!! Beware!!!! SCAM ALERT

    FXQMEdjm2950 Published in United States
    Scam WWF
    WWF fraud

    I cannot access the app anymore. My current balance was 92091 USDT. They didn’t allow withdrawals. Be careful with scammers.

    FXQESsop3263 Published in Vietnam
    Scam UAG
    Uag scamed us by wiping out our accounts

    Uag broker and a master trader eruka both scamed us by manipulated gold figures.Eruka open trades and he continued trades until our whole account wiped out.Uag broker and that eruka name master trader both scamed us

    FXIUDxtn6178 Published in Pakistan

    All trades were runing auto..i did not activated any trade...this broker himself increase the levarage and excuted trades and wipeout my account..stay away from this scammer

    FXIUDxtn6178 Published in Pakistan
    they stole my money

    they stole my money and blocked me in whats app.. just run away from these people they took 33000 dollars from me ..

    FXLRNuna4783 Published in Kuwait
    they empty my account

    they changed my password and they took all the money they are really thieves 100% thieves .. all of you people stay away from this broker they control of everything you can’t do anything with yourself

    FXLRNuna4783 Published in Kuwait
    Trade Manipulation

    I was trading in gold suppose to be im coming to get profit but then theres a bouncing trend happen which is. after the bouncing trend my trade was become negative all my balance loss. i was in sell and the bounce trend is bullish so i lost all my balance. check out the trend you will see the rain drop . its all about manipulation

    kyle cyrene Published in Qatar
    Scam LiteForex
    very stupid broker

    spread is very higher in time (day change and weekend ) .This is a lie. It is an abuse of trust. I can not continue. It is not honest.

    Moesaw Lawe Published in Myanmar
    Scam Chancellor Precious
    Chancellor with Kinross, Scam my Capital.

    my investment with this company already finish since dec 26 2021, and this company using Chancellor precious metal ( CPM ) as their appointed broker to scam lot of investors money. until now , my initial capital haven't yet refunded by this kinross or from chancellor even i already terminate my contract. investor must be very careful, all costumers services are no responses and email support also not respond.

    Tjandra Gozali Published in Indonesia
    Trade binary

    My trade accounts is it okay but there my profits i can not to withdraw

    FXMLOwmt2701 Published in Philippines
    Scam GMTBTC
    Scam website

    You have to pay personal income tax to withdraw. It must be a scam to ask you to deposit more. Scam website

    Ah Kai Published in Australia
    Scam WB
    If you don't operate on their platform, the customer service will scold you on the phone.

    Their company keeps calling, not operating on their platform, and calling me an idiot once I lose money on other platforms. Junk platform, no wonder the rating is so low, the quality of customer service is desperately poor, you can see the whole story at a glance.

    浮生若梦 Published in China
    Scam MFG
    This platform is specialized in scamming the agent, and the commission will not be refunded if the deposit is made. It is recommended that domestic customers report to the police together.

    This platform is specialized in scamming the agent, and the commission will not be refunded if the deposit is made. It is recommended that domestic customers report to the police together.

    诚信合作 Published in China
    Resolved morningfx
    Hou, a salesman of Xi'an Yingxing Investment Management Co., Ltd., will not be compensated after the position is liquidated

    Hou Kewei, a salesman of Xi'an Yingxing Investment Management Co., Ltd., induced me to give him the account for trading, and he would get 35 percent of the profit. I have already said that as the Chinese New Year is approaching, keep some funds in the account and do not operate. Later, he promised that he would not lose money, and he would bear all the losses. And I emphasize to operate with a light position. When he holds the account, reloads the position, and the full position operation will blow up the account operation. No compensation will be given after the liquidation, and it is said that the deposit operation will continue, and then he will not share the profit after making a profit. Please avoid this platform and avoid this person.

    用心 Published in China
    Scam KONANO
    Unable to withdraw, fraud website

    Cinda Investment Consultants and konano cheated together and could not withdraw the money. They required to deposit a margin to withdraw the money, but the website disappeared after the payment.

    maymay Published in Taiwan
    The email of Silvercrest platform is also shutted down

    The email of Wall Street platform is shutted down. The money cannot be retrieved and the staffs are absconded.

    PAUSE Published in Taiwan
    Scam FUNRATS
    Suddenly, I was disconnected from MT4, and the FUNRATS homepage disappeared.

    Today, when I entered MT4, my account was disconnected. When I looked at the FUNRATS homepage, it was displayed in Chinese that it was stopped by the administrator and I could not proceed. I haven't been able to trade on MT4 for a few months now, and now I don't even know the money.

    Masaru Iwata Published in Japan
    Scam morningfx
    Hou Kewei, a salesman of Xi'an Yingxing Investment Management Co., Ltd., delayed after liquidation and did not provide compensation

    Hou Kewei, a salesman of Xi'an Yingxing Investment Management Co., Ltd., induced me to deposit 10,000 US dollars into the MT5 foreign exchange platform represented by his company, and entrusted him to operate. From August to mid-September, it took about a month, and during this period, the operation of heavy positions without stop loss continued to fail and caused my account to lose 10,000 US dollars, and I had a profit of about 10,000 US dollars during the period, because it was said that all the profits in a month were owned by him and transferred to him. At the beginning, it was agreed that it was a principal and interest guarantee agreement. No matter how much the loss was, he would make up for it and guarantee the monthly income. But since the liquidation started in September last year to January this year, it has been perfunctory and delayed, and it is impossible to make up for it, and the promised monthly income of 500 US dollars has not been realized. Choose carefully

    墨名 Published in China
    Scam AIMS
    AIMS fraud platform

    On November 15, 2021, the deposit to AIMS is 3212 yuan, and on January 21, 2022, AIMS withdraws 727.99 US dollars, and on January 25, 2022, only 3084 RMB arrives from AIMS, obviously I made money, I should receive 4,607.52 yuan (US$727.99 * 6.3291 exchange rate) when I withdraw, but it is actually only 3,084 yuan, which is not enough for my deposit? ? 727.99 US dollars * 6.3291 exchange rate is 4607.52 yuan - 3084 yuan = 1523.52 yuan. Excuse me, where did the 1523.52 yuan go? ? what is the reason? ? ? Is AIMS deceiving people like this? ? ?

    彼得 Published in China
    Delayed time and said to be compensated, and the result was disconnected the account

    Silvercrest broker is not the same as they said. They said they would compensate, but the result is that they directly disconnect the MT5 account...

    FXVHKpxb0995 Published in Taiwan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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